Advanced Ballistics Concepts Multi-segmented Bullet Dramatically Improves Hit Probability

Advanced Ballistics Concepts Multiple Impact Bullet
Advanced Ballistics Concepts Multiple Impact Bullet
Advanced Ballistics Concepts
Advanced Ballistics Concepts

Denver, CO –-( Recognizing that more than 93 percent of first shots and nearly 80% of all shot fired by handguns and hand-held firearms miss their targets in high pressure situations, Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC (ABC), a ballistics research and development company, announced the company has invented the first multi-part bullet that immediately unlocks and expands to a predetermined diameter (set by the tethers) upon leaving the tip of a rifled barrel.

This new Multiple Impact Bullet – enhanced with ABC’s patented technology – significantly improves a shooter’s hit probability in ultra-close and mid-range engagements because the bullet produces a “web”- like strike profile prior to impact.

Mi-Bullets are similar to multi-pellet buckshot in that both deliver multiple strike points. However, a Mi-Bullet round enhances performance by harnessing the spinning forces from a rifled barrel to expand the fragments to the predetermined set diameter up to 3x faster than buckshot. The patented Mi Bullets™ are the first bullet to interconnect three separate segments with ballistic grade tethers that allow the fragment to expand like a web to a predetermined diameter (14” handgun) or (24” Shotgun) spread pattern that not only dramatically improves the accuracy and hit probability but does so without disrupting the normal flight path of a spinning bullet. Mi Bullets deploy a proprietary “accelerated radial spread”™ that compensates for most, if not all, of typical shooter error.

“According to national law enforcement statistics, more than 93% of 1st shots and nearly 80% of all shots fired in life and death situations miss their mark. Our research shows that these missed shots are the effect of “last second twitch” (shooter error) which occurs to some extent whenever a gun is fired, particularly in highly stressful situations. Because every Mi bullet offer a wide shot profile, they compensate for marksman’s error which significantly increases hit probability.”

While improved hit probability is the primary benefit of Mi Bullet rounds, safety played a large role in the design of the technology.

“No one wants to cause collateral damage when discharging a firearm particularly in the confusion of a threatening situation “That’s why the Mi Bullet offers SMART-STOP technology, the proprietary flight characteristics and tether braking system are configured to reduce over penetration of the attached bullet fragments after hitting a typical household wall or live target.”

ABC is preparing to offer its Mi Bullets most popular handgun and shotguns cartridges. There are 3 distinct categories: non-lethal (aka: Mi -Stinger™), semi-lethal (aka: Mi – Stunner™) and fully-lethal (aka: Mi – Stopper™) variants each optimized for use by the company’s primary target markets: military, police and personal gun owners. By offering the three variants, ABC supports the blended use of MI Bullets (Smart-Stack™) which provides shooters greater options to address a threat without having to add additional expensive weapons to address varied threats. In addition, all Mi Bullet bullets are “backward compatible” to eliminate the need to purchase new firearms.

The company is currently focused on introducing the product to distributors and resellers to bring their innovative ballistic technology to the worldwide tactical / personal defense ammunition markets.

Individuals or Organizations interested in working with ABC can contact the company at (1-855-339-5437) or by visiting the company’s website at

About Advanced Ballistic Concepts llc.
Headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, Advanced Ballistic Concepts, LLC (ABC) is a ballistics research & development company founded by a highly motivated group of outdoorsmen / hunters, gun enthusiasts and scientists who set out to design a new type of bullet that can compensate for a shooters error. ABC’s patented bullets with Multiple-Impact technology for hand-held firearms handguns/shot-guns, combines the proven hit capability of multi-pellet buckshot with the accuracy of a spinning bullet to dramatically increase hit probability. BECAUSE WHEN YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE “YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS” For more information, visit

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Rob George

Where can an individual buy these.

Michel Linschoten


The round was DESIGNED NOT to over-penetrate. You clearly missed the video and information on their website. It does precisely what it needs to do, in a HOME defense situation.

Sue Rubright

I just test fired a multiple impact .45 cal into a 55 gal metal barrel at a distance of 7 steps. The bullet came nowhere near my target and only put a slight dent in the barrel (which I had already fired a .22 into it that penetrated completely). I am very disappointed in this round, and would not bet my life on it.


I would be curious to fire this round at a range. I would be curious to see it the tethers throw off the main bullet from it’s aimed target. I would also be interested to see the penetration of all projectiles from 15 yards.


The main bullet in the projectile is independent of the other segments.


I highly doubt “pressure” will cause this ammo to no longer be available for civilian use. The projectiles do not penetrate bullet proof vests(not cop killers) and are actually considered safer than regular ammo. As far as bolo rounds in the past they have always been very erratic with aim. This round goes exactly where you aim it. Unfortunately for most people they don’t aim so good which is what this round is designed to correct.


This concept has been around since muzzle loaders. I don’t see what’s so “advanced” about it, and suspect this type of projectile fell into disuse for a reason.


Neat idea but unfortunately “pressure” will force them out of this project for the civilian citizen market like what happened to Winchester and the Black Talon ammunition.