Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Lies About ‘Victory’ At Staples & Gets Caught

Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Lies About Victory At Staples
Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Lies About Victory At Staples
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( From

For those without a Facebook account, it shows a photo of some members of MDA standing in a Staples with this title;

“IT'S WORKING: Last week, members of Moms Demand Action made the case for gun sense at a Staples in Arlington, Virginia, and the manager agreed: He will put up signs saying no guns are allowed in his store! Be part of the campaign, bring gun sense to a Staples near you:”

Trouble is when some of our members checked (click here for audio) with the store in question, the manager, Salaf, was furious. He apparently had agreed to no such thing and referred us to Staples corporate office, 800-338-0252.

Speaking on behalf of Staples, representative Christopher Ferandef stated that none of this was true and Staples does not have a ‘No Guns Policy' and complies with all state laws.

Another bold face lie by Moms Demand Action and soooo typical of the antis.

Oh, and there is a report in North Carolina of an anti putting “No Guns” signs on the doors of businesses without the business knowing. One store found out who the culprit was by reviewing security video. They have since banned that customer from their store. They should have prosecuted her for vandalism. We would certainly encourage such a charge here in Virginia for that kind of behavior.

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

  • 5 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Lies About ‘Victory’ At Staples & Gets Caught

    1. Now you know why Wal-Mart has a policy in place that scoots protesters off their property and doesn’t allow filming (it is private property after all).

      These women are disgusting creatures who not only oppose The US Constitution but they’re willing to use children as props to promote their anti-American agenda.

    2. If you read the MDA handout carefully you’ll see their claim that ‘I know many individual Staples stores have already made the decision to keep customers from carrying guns.’
      Based on Staples’ corporate response, this is just another outright lie.

    3. They are doing something like this in Seattle, WA the problem is they came out with marching bands and announced that all these stores were going to be “proudly gun free for the children” and they posted all these signs. Then reality set in. Lots of stores got less business (Seattle is loony left in a gun friendly state) and others saw their hold ups increase. Most of the signs have come down but no one has made any mention of this…

    4. When a store posts a “no gun policy” on the entrance door, simply cover the weapon. If an employee or the owner spots the weapon, simply leave and give notice that you will not support the establishment and will give notice to all other law-abiding citizens to do the same. The power of the purse usually prevails.

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