Banded Productions & Dead Dog Walkin’s Chad Belding Announce 4th Season on Sportsman Channel & Wild TV

Dead Dog Walkin
Banded Productions & Dead Dog Walkin’s Chad Belding Announce 4th Season on Sportsman Channel & Wild TV
Dead Dog Walkin
Dead Dog Walkin

USA –-( Outdoor television personality Chad Belding from ‘The Fowl Life and Dead Dog Walkin’ is proud to announce the debut of Dead Dog Walkin’ Season 4 on The Sportsman Channel and Wild TV (Canada) January 5th at 10:00pm (EST).

The show is based around the lifestyles of predator hunters in the United States.  The team travels to several locations including Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Tennessee, and Mexico helping promote conservation, and predator management.

Dead Dog Walkin” is a highly entertaining, and educational look at predator hunting.  The cameras roll nonstop to show not only the hunt, but also the trials and tribulations associated with this highly demanding sport!  This reality based show is all about the workingman, and his passion for the outdoors and the desire to share the experiences with the world.

Season 4 of Dead Dog Walkin’ promises to please, as the seasoned vets get ready to air some of their best footage to date.  The series will showcase predator hunting and trapping all around the US, and Mexico with it’s signature mix of informative, and humorous content!

“Dead Dog Walkin’ has blossomed into something amazing!  With the interest in predator hunting growing all the time, it is truly great to see a sport I grew up with becoming so popular.  The approach to Dead Dog Walkin’, is to entertain and educate, and I think we have nailed it!  The DDW crew has captured some unbelievable footage I cannot wait for everyone to see! ” Belding said.

Sportsman Channel Air Times (EST)

  • Sunday – 10:00pm
  • Monday – 1:00am
  • Tuesday – 2:00pm

Channel Guide:  The Show can be found on DIRECTTV channel 605, Dish Network channel 285 or 395 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 642.  Check you local provider for local cable channel number.

About Chad Belding:  Chad Belding’s success started with his reality hunting show called ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ which launched on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in 2008, and airs in more than 44 million homes in North America.  Fans across the nation have watched as Belding and his crew hunt in more than 15 states across the U.S., incorporating a local guest in each location who offers advice on their local hunting ground and participates in the hunt.  Now approaching season six, ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ is a must-see reality series for hunters across the nation.  Belding also has a show focused on predator hunts and wildlife conservation called ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ which is airing it’s fourth season on the Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in January of 2014.

About Banded Nation:  Launched in January 2011, Banded Nation is comprised of hunters, editors, graphic designers, producers, videographers, and on-camera personalities dedicated to bringing a new approach to outdoor television and outdoor style.  Banded Nation was founded by renowned outdoor hunting show host Chad Belding and acts as the parent company to a wide variety of properties including Sportsman Channel and WILD TV’s award winning national television series ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding,’ Dead Dog Walkin’,’ Banded, Banded Fusion, Banded University, Banded Hunts, and Banded Gear.  Visit for more information