CT Sen. Murphy Declares Political War On NRA & Pro-Human Rights Senators

By AWR Hawkins

Human Rights Violator Chris Murphy
Human Rights Violator Chris Murphy
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  During a December 4th 2013 press conference Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) referred to pro-gun Senators as “gun control Darwinists” who “totally [misread] the NRA's power.” 

He said he plans to spend the next two weeks trying to “shame [them] into taking another look at [the] issue.”

According to The Daily Beast, Murphy said Republicans who resisted more gun control “really believe that the best way to get guns out of the hands of criminals is to put guns into the hands of both good guys and bad guys.” He said this is the “ethic” that underlies “Stand Your Ground” laws and opposes expanded background checks.

Murphy said the majority of Americans in both parties want more gun control, but are hindered by a misunderstanding of the NRA's power. He said the NRA is comprised of “paper tigers.”  

Last week, CNN reported that there has been a 23 percent increase in opposition to gun control since January and that a majority of Americans no longer support gun control.

On August 5th I reported that Murphy said, “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right.” He said it is a right that comes with conditions.

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  • 7 thoughts on “CT Sen. Murphy Declares Political War On NRA & Pro-Human Rights Senators

    1. This is nothing more than class warfare against
      American gun owners, period! This “LBJ/KGB”
      socialist elitist ass must be defeated by honest
      voters next election! My two past commentaries
      eluding to this deceit and hypocrisy remain
      archived in the Ashland Daily Tidings: Ashland,
      Oregon at http://www.dailytidings.com. They include:
      “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare”: ADT: Friday,
      Janurary 9th, 2009, and “The War on America’s
      gun owners”: ADT: Monday, August 3, 2009,
      respectivly! Enter into “Search Tidings.”

      I wonder how many armed bodyguards (provided
      by tax payers’s expense of course) it takes
      to protect his elitist ass 24/7?

    2. Not to worry, he’s just another Obama surrogate running his mouth. We all know their formula is Legislation + Registration = Confiscation. Like the other John (above) says, we should declare war on them at the ballot box. All the Johns and everybody else out there are Legion.

    3. Another Chocolate Starfish in training, maybe we should declare war on these senators. Not all people need the State or Federal Goverment to regulate how they live or behave.

    4. “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right. He said it is a right that comes with conditions.”
      NO “right” comes “with conditions”. It is either a ‘right’ or it is not.
      He might not agree, but the people have the “right” to vote him out or to recall him any time they choose.
      He DOES have the “right” to speak his mind though…He’ll find that “right” in the 1st Amendment…and IF he looks hard enough…he’ll find that the 2nd Amendment helps not only him, but the rest of the people to keep that “right”.

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