Dangerous Police Overreaction


PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you: According to USA Today on 11/5/13: “Law enforcement officials had swarmed around the Northern N.J. mall Monday night after witnesses reported multiple gunshots were fired as stores were preparing to close. https://tinyurl.com/n7qjyea

“‘He came to the mall and fired what is at least six rounds at random striking several different locations,’ Molinelli said. Panic quickly spread among shoppers and mall employees, he said. There were no injuries reported aside from Shoop [the suspected perp, who killed himself.]

“In all, more than 500 SWAT and law enforcement officials searched the mall while an estimated 400 people remained trapped inside, Molinelli said.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Even an ignorant civilian like the Uninvited Ombudsman can see that an enemy, intent on causing havoc, can play upon the over-eager geared-up, military-minded, unregulated macho cops who flood into an area, leaving every other nearby place under-protected. It’s called lack of a plan and… create a diversion. If you had to define “overreaction,” 500 SWAT and police responders to the sound of gunshots would be perfect. No commanders were held responsible for the poor allocation of forces. The cost to the city was undisclosed.

Lone muslim jihadis intent on causing havoc need only fire a few shots in a mall, in a few cities simultaneously, and Xmas shopping season is over. They know this, we’re not revealing secrets here. Police obviously — obviously — are so high strung and unprepared, they flock to the sound of anything unusual, and leave every other duty behind. It is unfathomable that command and control allowed 500 armored police (if you can still call them police) flood to the site of one 20-year-old kid with a stolen rifle, who had killed himself by the time they got there.

“When seconds count, the (500) police are just minutes away.” What would they do if another mall fell under “attack”? Or two?

USA Today continues: “‘The shooter, for whatever reason, instead of staying and fighting, fled deeper into the mall,’ said Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg of the Paramus police department [who almost sounds disappointed, and had to tell his officers to gear down and go home]. Police were still conducting a secondary search of the mall, going store to store and escorting the people still hiding within to safety, Ehrenberg said. He expected the search to continue for several hours. Police were still seeking a motive for the shootings, Ehrenberg said.”

I’m going somewhere with this: It is time for authorities and rights groups to encourage or even demand discreet carry of firearms by civilians, and to eliminate dangerous and reckless make-believe gun-free zones like the one at the this N.J. mall.

No other response will provide the coverage needed to protect the public from this sort of attack. Go ahead, argue with that, all 500 of you SWAT team members who arrived too late to protect the cowering masses, who you escorted to safety in your battle gear.

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Having lived in NJ for a couple of years I can guarantee you that these gestapo agents were itching to kill something. And, yes, the commander that told them to stand down was most assuredly disappointed that they didn’t get to kill the perp. Even if concealed carry were legal in the Fascist state of NJ I wouldn’t carry because some Gestapo agent on a local PD would most assuredly shoot you dead before asking for any identification. The NJ law enforcement personnel make the Nazi Brown Shirts look gentile. The same goes for the jack Boots in Louisiana.


Cops cant tell the difference between gun fire and backfire either, remember Cleveland Ohio


A good percent of the population can’t tell the difference between a firecracker, car back fire or a gun shot.

So expect to not see or find any guns next time this happens.