Free Upgrade Incredible Multi-Threat Marksmanship Laser Training System

OutWest OCAT LASER Shooter Marksmanship Systems
OutWest OCAT LASER Shooter Marksmanship Systems
OutWest Systems
OutWest Systems

Colorado Springs, Co. –-( OutWest Systems, Inc, Renowned for their line of hot new revolutionary high-tech LASER and live fire (and super long range) firearm training systems, is pleased to announce their FREE UPGRADE to purchasers of their OCAT LASER Shooter Marksmanship Systems.*

This neat new value multi-threat target system is action packed and is an incredibly economical way for any shooter to analyze and react to multiple threats and in the comfort of their residence!

To use any of the OCAT System LASER training systems (some which can be converted to live fire) all the shooter needs for any of the OCAT systems is access to a computer, webcam and a firearm snap type LASER. OCAT also sells any of these components at near wholesale prices.

“We have worked hard to create the best actual firearm LASER training system for the money in the world and our Laser Systems fill that bill. And, while the system is designed for snap LASERs it is easily and affordable to upgraded to live fire mode or even all the way to OCAT’s live fire long range rifle systems.

Using the OCAT LASER system
Standard system showing individual shot impacts on the computer for future reference along with shot to shot reaction times

Details: The OCAT Multiple Target system is a simple FREE download for present OCAT System owners or they can request a disc. This system will be included for new purchasers effective December 1st, 2013.

This free upgrade offer does NOT apply to the economic OCAT Starter System. However, owners of the starter system may purchase this new multi-target OCAT compatible system for $175.00.

It is one thing to shoot at an OCAT reaction target, see the hit recorded on a computer screen for analysis, note the reaction time and learn much greater trigger control and sight alignment. But this first of its kind multi-thereat target system moves OCAT’s excellent marksmanship training programs right off the charts and it is fun too!–Jim Cline, Vice President, OCAT Systems.

The program switches between multiple-targets randomly or sequentially, whichever the shooter chooses. Users can easily setup an unlimited number of targets within the main target view area. The system features a shot timer and other feedback options in the program. It can present sequential targets to totally random targets.

To learn more about the various OCAT Systems including live fire and long range rifle systems plea please go to

OCAT stands for Optical Computer-Aided Training

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