Salmon, Idaho’s 1st Annual Coyote & Wolf Derby, December 28-29, 2013

Idaho Annual Predator Derby
Idaho Annual Predator Derby
Idaho For Wildlife
Idaho For Wildlife

Salmon, Idaho –-(  This is an incredible opportunity to team up with your son or daughter during Christmas break and spend some quality time in the gorgeous Salmon, Idaho Country!

Even though we don't expect to harvest a lot of wolves we hope to take quite a few coyotes.

Wolves in Idaho are considered a big game animal just like a deer or elk. Coyotes are classified as an unprotected predator and can be hunted year around.

Youth hunters who are 12 years of age or older, and have received their hunters education certificate and have a valid hunting license and wolf tag may hunt wolves. Youth that are 10 years or older who have passed hunters education and have a valid hunting license can hunt coyotes as long as they have a mentoring parent or adult.

One of our goals is to also increase the awareness of wolf diseases and to educate the public on taking the proper safety measures  and precautions while in wolf country.  In the past few years, 100% of the wolves harvested in the Salmon Valley have tested positive for these horrible diseases that can spread to humans.

We are grateful for our right to hunt and fish in Idaho and we can never take these rights for granted! We are also aware that Idaho has a statute (36-1510) that reads;

 ” No person shall Harass, intimidate or threaten by any means including, but not limited to, personal or written contact, or via telephone, e-mail or website, any person who is or was engaged in the lawful taking or control of fish or wildlife any Interference with hunting, fishing, trapping or wildlife control.”

We are grateful for the Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Legislature and the IDFG commission for providing fair chase hunting opportunities such as what will occur during this event as a vehicle to attempt to keep wolves in check.  Idaho’s elk populations have been devastated in high wolf density regions of the state due to wolf predation. Since wolves don’t self-regulate, they can reduce the prey populations so low they can fall into  “Predator Pits.

Wolves can actually “Wink” out of the ecosystem once they have eliminated the prey base. Prudent wildlife managers in Alaska and Canada realize the importance of wolf control. As an example, the providence of Alberta has a current bounty on wolves with year around hunting in many areas. Canada has had far more experience with wolf management than the Lower 48 states and understands the devastation wolves cause to their big game populations and the livestock industry.

The radical animal rights groups such as Defenders of Wildlife ( ) oppose this derby and are spreading  misinformation ( )  all over the web about a feared wolf slaughter and mass killings of predators for no reason! Defenders of wildlife thrives on exploiting these wonderful traditional hunting opportunities with friends and family for the opportunity to raise more dollars to fight against our hunting heritage.

Don't be mislead! Predator control is responsible wildlife management and enhances all of Idaho's wildlife.

One of the local Salmon outfitters had over 40 different hunters in his camp this year and only 1 hunter saw a wolf and he took a shot and missed the wolf. Wolf experts know that sport hunting is not an effective wolf control measure and this two day derby will not negatively impact the wolf population in this area.

Idaho Annual Predator Derby

About Idaho For Wildlife
“To protect Idaho's hunting and fishing heritage. To fight against all legal and legislative attempts by the animal rights and anti-gun organizations who are attempting to take away our rights and freedoms under the Constitution of the United States Of America. To hold all government and state agencies who are stewards of our wildlife accountable and ensure that science is used as the primary role for our Wildlife management.” Visit

  • 22 thoughts on “Salmon, Idaho’s 1st Annual Coyote & Wolf Derby, December 28-29, 2013

    1. And I support the ever declining farmer. As you are so worried about declining elk and deer populations which are being hunted mostly by man and for the almighty dollar when you should actually be more concerned with the near extinct farmer and farmland . I am pretty sure most of you eat you share of commercial meat and fastfood. Support your farmers and leave nature and its inhabitants alone to recover and manage itself as it did long before man interfered.

    2. I had a chance to see the couple who are sponsoring this slaughter, I noticed the word murder being defined as taking a human life. I have a problem with that since humans made up these words and their meanings. Murder is murder and it does not only pertain to humans . What you are promoting is premeditated , self gratifying and with the intent to kill. MURDER is MURDER. Maybe you will accidently kill each other , is that MURDER or an accidental act of GOD ? You people should be so ashamed and for the few hundred idiots that you hope will come to help your poor economics,(like your the only ones with money woes),thousands will not come now or ever unless it is to prevent these type of crimes against humanity.

    3. Dear PETA Morons.. please continue your foolish tantrums and rants as you pretend to know what is best for the ecosystem. A personal note to “stupid rednecks”… your hate filled speech would be well received in any radical group and I am satified you belong to several. Now, be good little EcoNazis and make sure you put your Latte cups in the proper receptacles before you depart Starbucks. Thanks!

    4. @Stupid (aka elmer fud), looks like we hit a nerve pointing out how your the only one on here complaining, “one is a monitory”,. LOL Predator-Shooter

    5. Predator-Shooter, Predator-Shooter, Predator-Shooter, We are the majority, do not listen to a rabid minority that does not understand nature.

    6. Thank you anti’s for making me aware of this event!!! Born and raised in Idaho my entire life on hunting and fishing I wouldn’t miss this for the world……I’m assembling some teams from North Central Idaho to travel/drive 9 plus hours to “SUPPORT and PARTICIPATE” in this event.
      The harmless Wolves have all but wiped out our Elk herds in North Central Idaho, predator control is a MUST!!!
      Let the Derby begin…..I’m in!!!

    7. Thanks to all the antis for your reposting this event all over the web, we are having the biggest turn out of father & son hunters ever. This year will be the largest predator shoot yet. Keep the “hate” and free press rolling. Type the Comment “Predator-Shooter” to show your support for wildlife management.

    8. You hunters are destroying our wildlife. Wolves balance wildlife. Humans are a cancer snd we are overpopulated. Cattle and farm animals are a non native species that needs to be exterminated.

    9. Get educated. Wolves are destroying wildlife in great numbers !! They also destroy cattle and farm animals. Have a pet? Ever seen a pet SHREDDED by a wolf?? It’s hideous andi wouldn’t wish it on anybody!
      I don’t like killing but this is the best way to control the wolf population or say goodbye to a balance in nature.

    10. And this SLOB Hunter predator derby brought to you by Don Peabrain Peays predator haters at the “fake” sportsmen for “some” fish and wildlife….(mule deer and elk) Now there’s extreme for you……..SFW……How is Defenders of Wildlife extreme?

    11. If a person destroys the works of man, we call him a vandal, but if he destroys the works of God, we call him a sportsman.

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