KEEPERTI – Actively Secures – Your Guns

Innovative Bluetooth Low Energy device network to extend protection beyond antiquated alarm systems with crowd-source campaign aimed at raising $40,000.

KeeperTI Traveler
KeeperTI Traveler

SILICON SLOPES, Utah –-( You’ve worked hard for the nice things in your life and would die to protect those you love.

But you can’t physically keep everything with you all the time.

Introducing KeeperTI the world’s first Technology Intelligence (TI) designed to give you the power to protect your things and those you love – wherever you go.

KeeperTI immediately alerts you if valuable electronics, a pet, child’s backpack and even your car is lost or stolen. We’ll help you quickly locate your things using audible alerts, proximity radar, and a directional pointer to lead you or the authorities to the item.

Unlike traditional rigid alarm systems, KeeperTI is a responsive and dynamic system allowing you to easily add items and configure security zones. Alerts are triggered if an item, pet or child is outside of the boundaries you define.

You can imagine the thousands of scenarios where KeeperTI can save you time, money and heartache – everything from locating your car in a parking lot to finding a lost child.

“I’ve had friends lose pets, backpacks, expensive electronics or had them stolen” said founder and CEO Leo Simberg.

“Everything we own and everyone we love is connected to mobile devices and for the first time ever we can offer protection world-wide. Our new technology disrupts old non-mobile security systems. I don’t know anyone who sits locked up at home with his or her things. We help protect your valuables and those you love – wherever you go.”

KeeperTI isn’t a simple tracking product it is your global security network with built-in tracking, motion alerts, rules-based security, and monitoring system.

Key Features Include:

  • • Simple to designate security zones and normal patterns – a TV should stay in a room, a backpack takes a specified route to and from school, etc.
  • • Key ring style Traveller for items on the go or adhesive Tag for fixed positioning.
  • • Audible Alarm and personalized smart phone alert notification
  • • Interact with your Internet of Things via Android, iOS and Internet enabled devices
  • • Locate KeeperTI tagged items by sound or proximity radar
  • • KeeperTI forms a free ‘crowd sourced’ network
  • • Private access to your KeeperTI network so that only you have access

The Indiegogo campaign rewards the first 200 supporters of each device with innovator pricing and all Indiegogo  supporters receive special introductory pricing.  ( )

  • KeeperTI Tag: Adhesive tag for fixed positioning on electronics, bikes, etc. $9 for the first 200 and $17 introductory pricing for the remainder of the campaign.
  • KeeperTI Traveller – Key ring style tag for backpacks, purses, collars, etc. $9 for the first 200 and $17 pricing for the remainder of the campaign.
  • KeeperTI Home – Home Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device creating a network of your KeeperTI tags. Notifications and alerts for items in your home including arrival and departure. $24 for the first 200 and then $36 pricing for the remainder of the campaign.

Help fund KeeperTI. Visit today and start protecting your valuables and those you love.

About KeeperTI
Started in 2013 by former IBM banking systems engineer, Leo Simberg, KeeperTI aims to disrupt the home, property, and personal protection industries with the world’s first global security system. Protecting the Internet of Things and the people you love – wherever you go. The company has launched a Indiegogo campaign to raise the necessary funds to begin full production.

KeeperTI – Protecting Your Things and the People You Love – Wherever you go.

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Dr Dave
Dr Dave
7 years ago

I have to agree with John. The last thing I want is a radio controlled device attached to my weapon so someone can track it and me whenever they want. And what thief isn’t going to cut it off in 3 seconds after obtaining it? So the only one to gain from this in terms of weapons is Uncle Sam although I LOVE it for other non-gun type stuff. Going to buy a few for some electronics and my laptop.

John Harrold
John Harrold
7 years ago

Another means for Obama’s private army to find and confiscate your firearms, thanks but NO thanks.