Knockout Game Backfires in Las Vegas Mall ~ Video

By AWR Hawkins

Caught on Tape: Knockout Game Backfires in Las Vegas Mall
Caught on Tape: Knockout Game Backfires in Las Vegas Mall
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  A teen playing the knockout game in Las Vegas failed to knock out his would-be female victim, only to have her turn on him and beat him until her boyfriend intervened, sparing the hapless attacker further pain.

The incident took place in a mall after the attacker swung at the woman with no effect. She then pulled him to the floor and began beating him. A video of the incident posted at shows that her boyfriend also punched the attacker once he realized the teen had tried to knock his girlfriend out.

As Breitbart News previously reported, the knockout game is one in which predominately black teenagers have approached innocent bystanders and hit them as hard they can with the aim of knocking the victim out with one punch.

The incident in Las Vegas left the attacker lying face down on the mall floor, writhing in pain. The would-be victim and her boyfriend walked off and continued shopping.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Knockout Game Backfires in Las Vegas Mall ~ Video

    1. Have you ever noticed that when some thug gets what he has coming there is always some liar like Dee that comes in and makes up some bogus story to support him?

      According to the local news the woman didn’t want to press charges and the thug left the scene.

      That really flies in the face of Dee’s nonsense pick pocket story.

    2. This was NOT the knockout game!! That chic tried to pick pocket that dude (who was wearing a 3pc suit) he chased her, & slipped. Then a “Good Samaritan” kicked him in the face. Then she jumped on him with brass knuckles. The dude that kicked him was arrested, not sure about the girl. It happened about 40 yards from our bar. That chic also had 3 dudes with her running scams.

    3. @How Stupid
      That’s a really silly statement to make publicly. That stereotype you just portrayed for us is found all over our world not just Vegas not just California. How rude of you to stereotype based on what you’ve probably only seen on tv.Vegas is my hometown and I’m a successful young person. I’m making something of myself and I LOVE the 702. Also that guy got his but I do believe that was a little excessive. PMA!

    4. @HowStupid… There are many hard working people here. Las Vegas gets alot of transplants from all over and that makes for a poor local/social scene. I don’t really know what “hold your own” is suppose to mean. And I have seen fake boobs in Nebraska! (Try not to get too upset!)
      Have a good one!

    5. “Las Vegas holds its own as well.”

      Are you people f*cking retarded? What, you “hold your own” against your own? Where do you think the fu*king black guy is from? People in Vegas are a bunch of stuck-up losers. “We hold our own.” Lol. You wouldn’t hold your own against a hard working man from the NE, whose hands are beaten and whose muscles are hardened on a daily basis. You’re just pampered pussies, like your Californian counterparts. Nothing but fake boobs and men with eyeliner. Hell, look at the way you dress and listen to the way you sound when you speak. No wonder a man so easily loses in a fight to a woman. Men are the physical equal to a woman on the West Coast.
      Get off your lazy welfare dependent ass and truly hold your own, rather than trying to boost your frail ego with nonsensical sh*t like this.

    6. The Blaze has more details on the incident.

      According to Las Vegas Police there was previous contact between them and it appears it was not completely random which really does not matter to me.

      Running up behind anybody and hitting them from behind is cowardly and playing the “knockout game” in my book even if they do know each other.

    7. I agree….its not only Texas you don’t “Mess” with. Las Vegas holds its own as well. However; I don’t agree with the reporting that “the knockout game is one in which predominately black teenagers have approached innocent bystanders and hit them as hard they can with the aim of knocking the victim out with one punch.” My accounts have been of many races, all ignorant at the time playing this game.

    8. That looks like a grown man in a dress shirt, shoes and pants…that don’t look like a group of kids knocking people out. There is something else to that story.

    9. Once he went down, she starts teaching him a lesson and her guy kicked him in the face.

      Lesson learned, hope she stayed to press charges.

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