Lasers Sights and Lights on the Hunt

Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, O.R.-(– Hunters have noted that white-tailed deer and elk populations have plummeted in some US regions because of last year’s disease outbreaks and increasing wolf numbers.

More hunters are now turning attention to pests and varmints, like wild boars, coyotes, wolves, foxes, bobcats, raccoons and other species. Crimson Trace, the industry leader in laser sighting technology, makes products that can help increase the thrills—and successes—on the predator and pest hunts.

Hunting at night with lasers sights and lights is legal in numerous states. In states such as Texas, hunting at night is becoming the standard method to eliminate the state’s biggest problem— wild boars. Many outfitters are now offering hunting packages that include the use of laser sight equipped rifles and helmet-mounted infrared optics.

In some states, hunters can pursue bobcats and wild boar (hogs) at night with lights and lasers sights. Other states only permit hunting at night with laser sights on private property with permission. Read the the state’s game department regulations digest before hunting to stay legal.

Hunting in deep darkness, with and without lights, and with laser sights and night vision gear, is much different than being afield in the daylight. Night vision gear can give the user tunnel vision, and the surrounding area takes on an eerie green hue that can be disorienting. Remember, also, that objects appear further away at night. This can lead to misses because the intended target may not be where you think it is. With practice, however, and the aid of laser sights and possibly infrared gear, the opportunity for success increases—drastically.

While some hunters can successfully hunt at night with big bore revolvers, the majority use a modern sporting rifle (MSR). The good news is that hunters in zones permitting the use of lights and laser sights can equip their MSR with several Crimson Trace products, including the Rail Master or the Modular Verticle Foregrip (MVF-515) with a bright 100-lumen LED white light and a powerful red or green laser. Laser sights will make you a more accurate and confident night hunter—period.

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