‘No Guns Permitted’ at Toby Keith’s New Bar and Grill

By AWR Hawkins

No Guns Allowed
No Guns Permitted' at Toby Keith's New Bar and Grill
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill opened in Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge, Virginia, this week with a sign on the door: “No guns permitted.”

This, even though Virginia laws allow a person with a concealed carry handgun permit to carry a gun “onto the premises of any restaurant or club” which has a license to sell alcohol, provided the permit holder does not “consume an alcoholic beverage while on the premises.”

According to InsideNova.com, numerous would-be patrons “posted their displeasure with [the no-gun] rule on the restaurant's Facebook page” on December 23. On December 24, all the posts complaining about the rule “had been deleted.” 

One of Toby Keith's biggest country video hits is “Bullets in the Gun.” It romanticizes carrying a gun.

Go figure….?

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  • 15 thoughts on “‘No Guns Permitted’ at Toby Keith’s New Bar and Grill

    1. There is a Buffalo Wild Wings here in Utah that recently opened with a gun ban in big letters on their door, “Firearms are not permitted”. But in a few weeks the sign was gone! I was going to start voicing my displeasure to them, after all in Utah you can even conceal carry in public schools. Wild Wings should have known better.

    2. Paul, this is a diffrent paul you need to read these things happen when families go out to dinner or to the movies when law abiding gun owners are minding there own bussiness you need to wake up or find a diffrent blog you sound “left” behind.

    3. I am not surprised. In the summer of 2008 this POS ENDORSED obama when asked about his choice for president. I HEARD HIM SAY IT DURING THE INTERVIEW. At the time I had two of his CD’s. I broke them into pieces and sent them to the record company with a note telling him what he could do with the pieces. This POS is as bad as the three whores group (can’t recall their name) he was supposedly at odds with. DO NOT TRUST THIS POS. He supports the scumbag in the white house.

    4. I’m with Toby,no person should be carring a gun to go out to eat or whatever,we’re not in the 1800’s in the wild ,wild,west.That was a very stupid law that was passed.I’m not against fire arms,but believe no one needs them in a family outting,or to go grocery shopping.So please leave them at home and avoid a tragedy.

    5. the fact of the mater is, they can get away with this stuff as long as no one brings attention to it. it is one thing to say ” i won’t give my money to it”, but to get out there and protest it. stand out in front and say it is wrong. hold up signs and protest it. that will bring attention to the discrimination. don’t think the anti’s would not do it if it was the other way

    6. Again folks No info from the Keith side of the issue. Making a judgment without full knowledge is right out of the Anti’s play book. If Keith or his Company want “no guns” there are SO many other places to go around there that don’t have that problem. It is Their right. We don’t have to agree but if you don’t than proper use of disagreement (let them know with respect and good manners) keeps gun owners from looking like the proverbial “RANTING GUN NUTS”.

    7. If you are in that area, make an obvious point of going up to the door, reaching for the handle, then reading the sign, and turning away. Maybe they will get an idea of how much business they are losing with that policy.

    8. Yes, boycott it is… Too bad – I kind of liked Toby. There are a few restaurants and a single store around here that have a no gun sign. I don’t go there, nor do the other gun owners around here. They are not doing too well, and I am sure that they cannot imagine why. My bank bans hoodies and dark glasses. They are the biggest bank in town. I love standing in line in there because I know why they are so popular and that criminals are not going to go there. Go ahead, make my day…

    9. for those wondering if he lent his name out, this is in fact his establishment. he happens to own nineteen of these eating places, with two more coming, and they also made him twelve million dollars last year,so I would say yes, he knows the signs are up, and more than likely gave the order to do so. to bad he got to big for his britches, and forgot the people and fans that got him there. his total worth for his empire is over five hundred million dollars. he needs to realize, its a long fall coming back down.

    10. Dave, you bring up a good point. As I understand it celebrities don’t actually open restaurants they just let others use their name. Toby may not have any say in this. We should still boycott the place.

    11. Please try talking with the man instead of-attacking him. This foam-at-the-mouth attitude turns potentially helpful friends into enemies. First of all, do you know whether he personally approved the policy? Did anyone ask him to change it? We gun owners need to stop the mindless knee-jerk reactions or we’re going to alienate the important majority of Americans who would otherwise respect and listen to us. And make no mistake – Constitution notwithstanding – if a majority of Americans become convinced we’re extremists, the gun control agenda will win. It’s not right, but it’s real.

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