One Year After Sandy Hook, Stadiums Still Safer Than Schools

By AWR Hawkins

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Heavily Armed Subway Police
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Washington DC – -(  On December 21, 2012, the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Wayne LaPierre spoke of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary by decrying the fact that “we protect our banks…airports, office buildings…even sports stadiums…with armed guards” while our children are left “utterly defenseless.” 

Nearly one year since that speech, banks, airports, office buildings, “even sports stadiums,” remain better protected than our schools.

According to Reuters, in the year since Sandy Hook, the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) “has trained slightly more than 1,800 new officers.” Further, in September, the Department of Justice announced it would spend nearly $45 million on 356 new officers.

Considering there are approximately 99,000 public schools in the United States, these 2,156 officers are a “drop in the bucket,” at best.

To be fair, President Obama has lately put in a request for Congress to fund just over 1,000 more officers; however, where was this willingness in the aftermath of Sandy Hook? The majority of school security changes that have taken place in 2013 still concern the ability to “shelter-in-place” and hide until police arrive.

Meanwhile, our banks, our office buildings, subways, and yes, our NFL stadiums continue to have armed security personnel.

Earlier this week, NBC reporters were able to breach school entrance security at seven out of ten schools they tried and walk through their halls unimpeded. If they had criminal intent, the results might have been tragic. “Sheltering-in-place” would not have stopped them.

An armed guard could.

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  • 8 thoughts on “One Year After Sandy Hook, Stadiums Still Safer Than Schools

    1. Go down the list of mass murder scenes. Notice that virtually all of them had one thing in common: They are Gun Free zones! How incredibly stupid!

    2. Ok, yes, 20 kids and 6 teachers died at newtown. So why not 27 candles, does no one care that his mother died first as his first victim? Or do the others only count since they were at the school.

    3. Obama lights 26 candles in White House with First Lady to mark Newtown a year ago….

      Why no candles for our four men killed in

    4. that kid did not need a gun to kill as he did. It was revealed that he had molontov cocktails stashed. He could have killed far more with THAT than a gun!

    5. As in the last school shooting yesterday, if the student had wanted to kill people and didn’t have guns, he had molontov cocktails stashed. he could have killed quite a few with
      THOSE! There are more ways than just a gun to kill many people at once. Gun control is NOT the answer!!

    6. Safer my rear. The only reason most schools (or theaters) get attacked is because the government brainwashes and conditions some individual to do it. Stadiums are not safe at all. Especially the upper decks. Wake up sheep! If the only people allowed to be armed somewhere are security forces, its the most unsafe place you can be!

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