Results Matter in Black Rhino Hunt

Rhino Wars
What uneducated anti-hunters fail to grasp is the DSC Rhino Permit Auction will raise millions of dollars for Rhino conservation, more than any other conservation group and to protect Rhinos from inhumane treatment at the hands of poachers.
Glen Wunderlich
Glen Wunderlich

Lansing, Michigan – -(  A controversial black rhino hunt ( )  is set to be auctioned by the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

Fueled by typical emotion-driven rhetoric, the usual suspects, including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), oppose the hunt on the grounds that the animals are endangered.

On the other side, conservationists and biological scientists support the auction as a means to brighten the future of the prized African game species.

First a few facts are in order.  The number one reason for the decline from around a million rhinos in the year 1800 to approximately 30,000 today is poaching.  Rhino horn is one of the mainstays of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and thus has been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of rhinos.  The question is not whether rhino horn actually has medicinal value; enough Asians believe it does, and therefore, its value is literally double that of gold.

Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) was established in 1990 and is responsible for the safeguarding Namibia’s environmental resources.  Since 2004, with the support of scientists in the international Convention on Trade in Endangered Species, Namibia is authorized to sell up to five hunting permits a year. With selective hunting as a part of its comprehensive rhino conservation strategy, the country’s black rhino population has more than doubled since 1990.

DSC expects the permit to sell for at least $250,000, perhaps up to $1 million. All proceeds will be returned to Namibia for underfunded rhino-related projects such as anti-poaching patrols.

Did you catch that?  All proceeds are to be returned to Namibia.

Contrast this with how HSUS uses its questionable tactics to line the pockets of its hierarchy.

HSUS CEO, Wayne Pacelle, raked in $395,000 in total compensation according to its latest tax return. In total, 38 people received over $100,000 in compensation from HSUS—up from 24 the previous year. HSUS put $2.9 million into its pension plan—significantly more than it made in paltry grants to support pet sheltering.

So, rather than paint the DSC with the same brush used on poachers, while lining its own pockets, wouldn’t it be philanthropic if HSUS leaders invested that money in anti-poaching efforts or in efforts to reduce the demand for rhino horns?  (That’s Wayne’s argument against the DSC, by the way, directly from his blog.)

Amid a rash of well-documented death threats from animal-rights extremists, the DSC stopped giving media interviews until prudent security measures were in place.  Dallas police were consulted, as was the FBI, which referred the case to a domestic terrorism team.

Ben Carter, DSC executive director. said, “We expected our announcement to surprise some people, but we didn’t anticipate that level of hate. People who see themselves as more evolved, and as beacons of compassion, were threatening to kill my children.”

“The good news, Carter adds, is that most people are rational and quickly change their minds about the rhino auction and hunt once they understand the facts.”

In 1994, the U.S. Congress established the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund. Grants from this fund are used for anti-poaching efforts, habitat and ecosystem management, development of nature reserves, wildlife surveys and monitoring, management of human-wildlife conflict, public awareness campaigns and other conservation efforts related to rhino and tiger survival.

And, when it comes to management, results – not rhetoric – are the only issue at hand.


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  • 6 thoughts on “Results Matter in Black Rhino Hunt

    1. Let me start off by saying, before I am labeled as a “terrorist”, I am a gun right supporter and a registered Republican. I do feel however, that even if the government would be using all the money for rhino conservation ( we all know how stable and uncorrupt African governments are ) it is still hunting an endangered species, which is counterproductive. I have no problem with hunting. I eat meat. I wear leather boots. But what is the point of this big game hunt? To kill a rhino? For what purpose? Oh, to help rhino conservation… If you want to actually help rhinos, then donate the money. If you just want to kill a rhino, just say so

    2. Here we go again with “population control of humans as an answer. to the ills of the world. I think Peter Singer believes the same way and sex with chickens is OK if everyone is happy. Some of these folks are way out in left field. If you will notice the HSUS tries to put every animal on the endangered species list. Let’s think of animal rights like this, no animal use by humans for anything ever. Let’s look at it another way, just ask yourself how much money has the HSUS and other animal rights organizations removed from the economy in attacks on any animal use. I would think trillions and how many people have they put out of work? The animal rights movement under the Socialist Fabian Society was full speed ahead in the late 1890s. It was Henry Salt, a life long Fabian who wrote the first book on animal rights. Of course things were a lot difference back in those days in the UK. It was not until the 1960s and 70s that the movement moved to the USA and became much more radical after the move than ever allowed in the UK. Hunting with hounds is still trying to be eradicated in the UK as it had been for over 100 years. It was seen as a rich man’s sport of course that did not sit well with the Fabians.
      If I thought that animals would fair better turned loose I would be the first to want them liberated, but we know that mother nature is not kind at all, and I know what would happen and it would not be pretty at all. It would have nothing to do with the greatest happiness philosophy, for sure.

    3. Well,I think if we had less people on the planet,The animals would be better off!!! These animals have to be killed because there isn’t enough room for them!! Mankind comes first!!! Sorry but that is reality and IT SUCKS! BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!

    4. @Kevin: how much have you raised for anti poaching patrols? How much have you donated to funding education on why rhinos need to be protected? What have you done? I am not a hunter, but I do understand its importance to conservation. One rhino is going to save dozens. Yeah, it sucks one has to die, but until you and your terrorist friends get off your asses and do something worthwhile to help, this is what we have.

    5. Shut (comment removed ****PERSONAL ATTACKS NOT ALLOWED**) If you really cared about the conservation of the rhino you would donate time or money without killing the rhino. Don’t pretend to act like you are now an expert on the rhino. Also, just because the entire contribution would be turned over, doesn’t mean it would be disbursed properly for the sake of rhino conservation. You are just another(comment removed ****PERSONAL ATTACKS NOT ALLOWED**)

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