Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control Bleeds On

Knife Threat
Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(  December 14 was the anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

We could talk about effective measures to stop public violence.

We’re not going to because that talks to your head.  The battle is for your heart, and Big-government media like the Washington Post wants everyone to trot out their list of people murdered by those evil tools called firearms (  ) .  I have another idea. I have a list of people harmed because they were denied a firearm.  I’ll go first because I’ve had enough!

My college girlfriend was raped after her attacker broke into her apartment and held a knife to her throat.  Monica couldn’t have a gun for self-defense because she lived in Chicago, and Chicago had very strict gun control laws.  Gun control is the theory that it is better for a 130 pound woman to be raped by a drug addict twice her size than risk injuring a rapist.  That stupid theory may work for a Chicago politician who has his own security detail, but my friend Monica paid the price.

Her rape is the reality of gun control.  Monica had to leave Illinois, and she moved to a state where she could defend herself.

Stories like Monica’s hardly make it into the Washington Post.

Some victims can’t run away. Let me tell you about a girl named Anne.  She was a family friend and was home from college.  She sat in a quiet park near Mill Valley, California when she was murdered.  She was murdered by a mentally ill man who brought a gun into a gun-free zone and shot her.  Of course Anne obeyed California gun laws, so she wasn’t armed.  There was no one to help her when she was attacked and murdered.  The police didn’t find her body for hours.

That is the murderous insanity of gun prohibition!  We pretend that crazy people and criminals will obey gun laws while people like Anne are disarmed.. and murdered.  I named my daughter Anne, so this stays personal for me.

Do we need more names and more examples like Monica and Anne?  We are not talking about an untried theory, or even a theory that worked well in other countries.  Gun prohibition in the United States started after the civil war to disarm newly freed black men and women.  Gun prohibition was a bloody success at suppressing freedom.  The control freaks recently repackaged gun prohibition and re-branded it as gun control, crime control or gun safety regulations.  It failed as prohibition always fails, and I’ve named a few of the victims to prove it.

How many more names will it take to convince you?  How many more victims will you stand for?

Where I live In San Diego County, we have fifty to sixty people robbed, assaulted, raped and murdered every day. Your neighborhood is probably the same. The victims are real people with names and faces, even if they are left unnamed and unreported on the local news.  Gun prohibition disarms honest people and leaves us easy victims for drug gangs, crazies and criminals.  Gun prohibition leaves us dependent on politicians and their promises for protection.

My friends lived that experiment. I can’t ignore what has happened to them.  Please don’t ignore what has happened to your friends either.

Now it is your turn.

About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, and writes the SlowFacts blog. . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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Well, Tom, let’s take your BS argument apart. First, you don’t need a license to buy a car, you need one to drive a car on public roadways. So, following your train of thought, one should only need to license a gun that they plan to drive on the highways of America. Second, the lowest estimate of lawful defensive firearm use is in the 250,000 times a year range. If there were thousands of gun victims for every use of self defense, there would be noone left in the country. If you would like to continue spewing leftist bile, I… Read more »


Gee tom what orifice did you pull that stuff from. Criminals do not go to the gun shop to get a gun they just go the back alley to get one. The ONLY people that gun control hurts are the law abiding people. I did have a friend that was badly injured because she was not allowed to have a hand gun where she lived, a crazed person broke into her apartment and beat her half to death, when her sister found her the next day the cops would not even take a report on the matter. IF she had… Read more »


Gee, Tom Mc – maybe you could explain how the Sandy Hook shooting could have been prevented by taking a test. Or any of the other well publicized mass shootings – what gun control law should have been passed that would have prevented those? If I were a criminal or planning on being a criminal, I would certainly vote for every law that reduces or eliminates any law-abiding citizen from being armed. Nothing spells success like laws that empower criminals while disarming the law-abiding.


Wow! Tom is really “out there”. A gallon of gas would make a really big bomb, and yet you don’t have to take a test to buy gas. You just need a can and a few bucks.


Wow. Tom’s argument: ad hominem, begging the question, strawman, more ad hominem, more ad hominem, more ad hominem. Not a single coherent statement in that whole diatribe. Don’t mind him, Rob. Perhaps when he grows up, he’ll have some cognizant critiques. Given the state of public schooling, though, I wouldn’t count on it.

Dale Lawrence

Gun ownership has increased dramatically in the last 10 years while many states have implemented “shall issue” laws allowing more people to have the means of self defence. The result is that murder rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years. Anti self defence nuts like your self are warped. You have to be stupid to think that having innocent people defenceless against crazies and criminals would make society safer.

tom mcfarland

Gun nuts who think guns don’t kill people are warped. If it takes a test to get a driver’s license, why in the hell shouldn’t it be required to buy a real killing machine? Stories like Monica’s are sad but for each of those there are thousands where innocent people are shot by crazies, criminals, and by accident. You have to be stupid to believe that more guns won’t mean more shooters, killers and needless deaths. And if you’re so paranoid that you think the government is coming for your precious guns, then you’re too crazy to be trusted with… Read more »