Self Defense Tactical Tip – Watch Out For The Tail Gunner

By Alan Korwin

Tactical Tip – Watch Out For The Tail Gunner

PHOENIX, AZ –-( It’s not hard to catch many gun owners in this trap. Walk them through a mental exercise about home self defense.

Mentally set up an assault scenario, and let them come out the victor.

Then surprise them at the end with the idea that the goon they beat had an accomplice they didn’t see or even think about, and they end up losing. Works almost every time.

United States Concealed Carry’s excellent magazine adds a novel wrinkle — the Tail Gunner. That’s the hoodlum in the restaurant, planted there before a stickup, to act like just another victim and keep watch for undercover cops — or CCW heroes — to take them out.

It’s yet another good reason to generally prefer a seat with your back to a wall, with a view of the room, near an exit, and to avoid being a freelance police officer. Besides, it’s better for ogling. Am I allowed to say that?

A new gun safety rule from my recent book After You Shoot ( ) : “It’s always better to avoid a gun fight than to win one.” If innocent life doesn’t immediately depend on it, hold your fire. Click the link above, for your copy to read more.

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GOOD advice. We hear the words “situational awareness” all the time. Be observant. Maybe some “PD” is having an unannounced ‘training exercise’…it might be considered ‘bad form’ to drop one or two officers. Anyway, we should always be aware of everything we can…before we draw. I agree, avoiding a gun fight(and everyone living) is better than getting into a gun fight. Sitting with your back to the wall…always…and near an exit.(attention to detail)


Call me paranoid, I always sit with my back to a wall and pay attention to WHO enters the establishment.


If the crooks are holding up the restaurant and do not kill anyone I’m staying out of the fight.If they shoot someone them I’m forced into the fight,cause I will have no idea who will be next.Same goes for any establishment where I might be.Most establishments don’t want a gun fight in their place, and I agree with them.Places that deal with lots of money should have a drop box. If done right that will limit their loses.If the crooks decide to take a hostage it’s time to shoot, and don’t wait.

Dr. Strangelove

As a former drug addict and petty criminal, I’d say the odds of running into a “tail gunner” situation are pretty low. 99.9% of criminals don’t achieve that level of critical thinking. On the other hand, I do carry an extra mag.