ABC News Story Hides Guns in Grade School Classroom to Push Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

ABC News Story Hides Guns in Grade School Classroom to Push Gun Control
ABC News Story Hides Guns in Grade School Classroom to Push Gun Control
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On January 27 2014, ABC World News aired a segment on kids and guns in which they placed two unloaded handguns on a table and drew children to them by telling them there was candy where the weapons were.

Diane Sawyer introduced the video as part of a report on “groundbreaking news” based on a Yale University study on “American children and guns” that claims every hour one child in America ends up in the hospital as a result of gunshot wounds.

Sawyer's co-host David Muir narrated an experiment at an elementary school in Florida where seven hidden cameras were set up in what appeared to be a first grade classroom. They showed the kids NRA Eddie Eagle videos on gun safety and had a policeman talk to them about avoiding guns.

They then placed two unloaded handguns on a table “and [told] the kids they [were] there for a memory test.”  The teacher then told the kids she had to leave the classroom “for a second, but that there [was] candy on the table.” There were numerous toys and crayons on the table, as well.

After the teacher left the children alone in the room for approximately ten minutes, two of the kids who had migrated to the candy, crayons, and toys picked up one of the real handguns and looked at it from all angles.

The camera then panned back to Muir and Sawyer in the studio, and Muir suggested parents ask their neighbors if they have “a gun in the home” and “whether it's locked, loaded, or put away.”

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  • 37 thoughts on “ABC News Story Hides Guns in Grade School Classroom to Push Gun Control

    1. You have to remember that it was ABC 20/20 that had people they planted in the Food Lion stores go out and dig thrown away food put back in the produced area of the store. None of the actual Food Lion employees participated in the exercise. ABC filmed it as the Food Lion employees doing this as a regular thing the grocer did.

      When it was found that there was a faked story, Food Lion tried to sue ABC for deformation of the store. The court threw out the suit, for the exact reason I can’t remember. Since that time, Food Lion has never regained the public trust. Food Lion was one of the fastest growing grocery chains at that time.

      There have been similar incidents over the years in which 20/20 and 60 minutes have faked other news stories, like highway safety issues with some vehicles, when they couldn’t get their achieved criteria for the story they were doing.

    2. … Muir suggested parents ask their neighbors if they have “a gun in the home” and “whether it’s locked, loaded, or put away.”

      Should they also ask if they have any porno movies or sex toys that are not locked up?

    3. This just shows the antigun folks don’t care about public safety. The NRA Eddie eagle video on gun safety helps to keep children safe.

    4. My children learned to respect guns at 5 years old. They were first tought what the diffeance between a real gun and a fake. Also the diffrent types, rifle, revolver and Simi auto. I took them out into the woods and shot a 410 slug at a 2 1/2 inocent tree as thick as their legs. don’t think I have to explain. The noise alone was enough. Then I shot a small 38 and the noise was just as convincing. All gun owners have to take their children and do the same!

    5. Wait… aren’t there “Gun Free School Zone” laws that prohibit this? How many violations just occurred, including child endangerment?

    6. So TWO future Darwin Award winners examine the gun and the story completely ignores the fact that the rest of the class didn’t. The whole story is useless. What a waste of time.

    7. So, like other media beatches, Diane and her crew of fools got a pass from the DC cops and THEIR playground monitors. If I or YOU had put a gun into a classroom in a school in DC, we would be carried out in body bags. That is the only way Sawyer and crew should leave DC the next time they arrive there.

    8. PBS and all the other “main” stream media persons are Pure Progressive Propagandists – or if PBS means anything it is “Pure Bull Sh..”

    9. At that age offering kids candy works better than offering money. And still only two kids touched the guns, the kids did a great job. This means that unless you are a complete moron kids are as safe from guns as they are from other household items. Imagine if you told the same kids that drano was candy. Would at least two try to find out? But still ABC can setup a test that is almost guaranteed to give them their desired results. And they still failed.
      So ABC lies about a lie. Who expected anything else from ABC.

    10. You could have put a hammer on the table and some kid would have gravitated toward it. But the kids also gravitated toward the candy, crayons and toys too. This stupid study proves nothing other than if you don’t want kids to get into anything, then put it up out of their reach.

    11. Irresponsible and criminal. They truly believe that the ends justify the means and this makes that point very clear. First rule of safe gun handling is “guns are always loaded”, whether loaded or not I wouldn’t point one at you, nor would I expect a “responsible gun owner” to point one at me.

    12. This is why you teach your children how to handle guns. You don’t keep them secret, or locked away, or make them scary.. you expose them as tools with harmful potential. Then teach children as young as 5 or 6 how to and how NOT to handle guns. This way, they will already know what a gun looks like and how it works so they won’t be overwhelmed with curiosity to look at it from all angles and figure out how it works on their own. My kids have never had any “gun incident” in my home because of this policy. ..and they’re pretty comfortable with them now, so don’t mess with them.. just sayin’.

    13. Apparently these ignorant media people do not realize, when America goes down, they go down with us all!
      They are like psycho’s who punch holes it the bottom of the life boat so they can drown the people they don’t agree with!
      Are they all fools or what?

    14. I would think if these people brought a gun into a gun free zone they should be charged with criminal trespass and be in jail. I bet you if this stunt was pulled by someone with the last name starting with a Z or belonging to the NRA there would be jail time for everyone. There is more to learning about guns then watching a video. How lame?

    15. When your ratings are as low as ABC and MSNBC and the ilk, you’ll take any chances you can to try and jack them up. In this case, total failure…Again!

    16. They should be arrested and not because the firearms could have hurt someone. They, like TSgt B. mentioned, committed a felony. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, if you get my drift.

    17. Unless I am wrong, introducing a firearm onto a school campus without specific permission (where allowed by ) is a FEDERAL FELONY under 18 USC section 922. Where is William “B.J.” Clinton when we need him to “promote gun safety”? Where is Eric Holder?

      Make me want to go to journalism school so I can break the law with impunity.

    18. Come on folks, this network has faked lots of special reports over the last 30 years just like CBS and NBC. Everything from blowing up cars to deadly truck tires to so much more and all were found faked for their news slant–same for this. It is just pure communist like propaganda, nothing more.

      But then again how do they like the media political wanker in DC who did the story on AR magazines get away bringing ANY firearm into a school, real, fake, or even a paper drawing?

      Because the anti-Constitution anti-American bunch currently in power and their Goebbels like media supporters promote it. Pretty cool huh? Velkom to der new Amerika!

    19. Dick Metcalf lost his job as a writer for Shooting Times because of his ill-conceived comments about tightening the strings on the 2nd Amendment; but yet these famous “pukes” are allowed to “BAIT” kids with candy & guns, in school, and on camera; but they’re proud of it and probably got paid a healthy stipend from the ABC political news wing of the Obamanation administration. DeeDee and Johnny should do jail time, but FIRING would certainly do us justice!

    20. Liberal main stream news BS. If you watch BS news, you must also be a BS liberal yourself. Don’t watch it and their ratings will go down. And with low ratings from viewers, we the people, are speaking loud and clear.

    21. It pisses me off to no end that these “adults” would pull a stunt like this. What does it prove?
      Is it news worthy? Any one else would have been charged with a weapons violation. I guess they have diplomatic immunity. The principal of the school should be strung up by his fingernails, without pay.

    22. I wonder if they could have possibly violated some laws by purposely leaving guns where children would find them even unloaded ones.

    23. How often is a gun found in a bag of candy or in with some toys which they were in this test.

      This is not an experiment that would simulate a gun in the home situation. They are setting the kids up to pick up these guns.

      I wonder what the results would be if the gun was on another table away from the candy and toys..

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