ADCOR Wins 2014 SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range Action Target Safety Award

ADCOR Wins 2014 SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range Action Target Safety Award
ADCOR Wins 2014 SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range Action Target Safety Award
Shot Show Industry Days at the Range
Shot Show Industry Days at the Range

LAS VEGAS –-( Industry Days at the Range is pleased to announce that ADCOR is the 2014 winner of the Action Target Safety Award.

ADCOR held the highest standard of safety during the shooting event held on January 13 and 14 2014 by ensuring that each attendee was fully briefed, provided with protective equipment and cared for by eight certified military medics present in booth.

More than 70 Industry Days exhibitors were judged on their firearms safety practices by a panel of safety auditors from DOA Tactical. The scores for each exhibitor were determined based on specific safety criteria such as the handling of firearms, ammunition placement and maintaining a safe environment at their shooting stations.

Adcor Defense
Adcor Defense

ADCOR was awarded the Action Target Safety Award at Action Target’s SHOT Show booth (#10074). In addition to the award, ADCOR will also receive $3,500 toward their 2015 SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range registration fee.

“When I heard about the competition I was determined that ADCOR would be the safest shooting station at the event. Safety is the cornerstone of our company, and we were committed to show that at Shot SHOW Industry Days at the Range,” ADCOR’s Michael Slee said. “It’s an example of the company’s attention to detail in manufacturing and precision in everything we do. The effort to meet the standard that Action Target set was no different.”

The award was presented by representatives of SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range and Action Target’s product manager Chad Burdette.

“Shooting safety is extremely important to us as a company, so we’re proud to be a part of this event and the safety program,” Burdette said. “ADCOR went above and beyond to make sure the people who visited their booth were able to enjoy their innovative rifles with absolute safety.”

The ninth annual SHOT Show Media Day at the Range took place on Monday, January 13, 2014. With over 140 exhibiting manufactures in 2014, Media Day continues to be the largest hands-on media event in the hunting and shooting industry. The first SHOT Show Buyer Day at the Range invited distributors, dealers and retailers to test and learn about new products on the opening day of SHOT Show.

About Action Target

Action Target is the leading global supplier of superior shooting range products, equipment, design, manufacturing and training for law enforcement, military and commercial ranges. Action Target is recognized for developing innovative new firearms training technology and for having the experience to properly apply that technology to solve today’s safety issues on firing ranges all over the world.

For more information please visit the SHOT Show Industry Days at the Range’s website,

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