Arbalest Website Attacks NY Safe Act & The Notion Of ‘Assault Weapons’

The Arbalest Quarrel
The Arbalest Quarrel

New York, N.Y. –-( “The Arbalest Quarrel,” a weblog, has recently posted its second Article dealing with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act of 2013.

While the NYSAFE Act applies only to New York residents, it would be a mistake to conclude that the NYSAFE Act has limited scope.

The NYSAFE Act is actually a blueprint for firearms confiscation across the Country. The objective of the drafters of NYSAFE is de facto repeal if not outright repeal of the Second Amendment.

To understand NYSAFE we believe it important to understand the rationale behind the words ‘assault weapon’ since the foundation of NYSAFE is built upon the notion of ‘assault weapon.’

We take a close look at the words, ‘assault weapon,’ and we compare and contrast those words with the words ‘assault rifle.’ We look at the history of the expression ‘assault rifle’ and point out that “assault weapon,” unlike the “assault rifle,” has no legitimate history. We argue that ‘assault weapon’ is a fiction, borne of a desire to create fear in the American public.

And we explain how the mainstream media gives weight to the “fiction” by thrusting the words into the public consciousness. Toward the end of the Article, we provide the reader with several “TIPS” for assisting the reader in understanding how NYSAFE operates.

This Article ( ) sets the stage for our third Article where we take a look at the actual definitions of ‘assault weapon’ as set forth in the NYSAFE Act. As we look at the definitions of ‘assault weapon,’ we will hit the reader with a few surprises.

We cordially encourage you to visit our website and respond with your comments.

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    1. To all our readers: as a few readers have pointed out that my posts are difficult to read, I have taken those comments to heart and have revamped the blog post presentation. In my latest post, published on January 5th, you will see that I have made the type size substantially smaller. I have also used left-side alignment for paragraphs, while retaining center alignment for headings. And I have decided to use a non serif font throughout. I cordially invite you to take another look at the presentation of my latest post and to give me your thoughts. And, of course, please provide me with your feedback on my content as well. Our Company has created “The Arbalest Quarrel” to serve your needs, to provide you with detailed information on the meaning of antigun legislation to assist you when dealing with it — important information that you are unlikely to find on any other website. We have begun with a critical look at the NYSAFE Act as this antigun legislation was the first of a new wave of dangerous and, in fact, treacherous antigun legislation enacted to date in any jurisdiction. NYSAFE has become the “model” for antigun groups and antigun legislators across the Country as well as for antigun politicians at the federal level. We have a lot of interesting things in the works for our site as we intend to fight all efforts to curb and restrain our sacred Second Amendment. We will keep you apprised of developments. Working together, we can put a stop to the insidious attempts of those who wish to denigrate and to destroy our sacred Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Thank you.

    2. Responsive to Kenneth Waggoner’s criticism, be advised we are experimenting with typesets and presentation. We are utilizing just two fonts: a non-serif font called “COMFORTAA” for major headings and a typical MS serif font for text and subordinate headings called “GEORGIA” which is similar to the MS “TIMES NEW ROMAN” font. Since the ideas expressed through words are the mainstay of our site, we wish to give the manner of presentation a unique look — reminiscent of a news flier, rather than of a typical newspaper. And, we point out that what we are doing is gaining force in website design today. We are on the vanguard of that. Apart from our choice of fonts and font sizes and use of lower case and upper case lettering, we also use several colors for specific purposes. and I will presently provide a color “key” that will explain the purpose of the colors we use — and there is a definite purpose. I also would like to point out that your criticism is the first negative criticism we have received. Our readers have universally registered positive comments regarding both the look and feel of our website generally and of the print medium particularly. But, obviously, if you are having trouble reading our material, that is of critical importance to us. Adjustments can be made and are continually being made. And radical adjustments will be made if more readers so wish it. We do appreciate your honest criticism. That said, understand, we anticipate that most of our readers — as is typical today — are using notebooks, tablets and even smartphones, rather than large desktop monitors, to do their viewing. And, our site is a design-responsive site, to allow for easy viewing of content without the need to make fine adjustments to the screen. So, let me ask you: are you viewing our content on a desktop monitor or on one of the small screen devices? On a typical desktop monitor, the typeset will, admittedly, appear overly large.

      We look forward to receiving additional comments from our readers concerning the look of our site and the appearance of our content.

      What we have to say is critical to an understanding of recent “antigun” legislation. With enactment of NYSAFE, we are one more step toward total civilian firearms confiscation. And, with the loss of our right to keep and bear arms, so do we lose our other sacred rights. And with the de facto loss of our “Bill of Rights” our Republic is lost. In the next Article, to be published shortly, I get into the “nitty gritty” of the definitions of so-called “assault weapons.” As a licensed attorney I can tell you that what constitutes an “assault weapon” in New York is not as straightforward and clear-cut as those who support NYSAFE would have you believe. Governor Cuomo’s own NYSAFE website is an overly simplistic gloss on “assault weapons” as you shall see.

      We thank you for your comment. Our website is a work in progress and we are making headway. Please bear with us.

    3. Same issue here with the overly large font. Will take too long to scroll through the article. Hope it was a good one, few will notice though.

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