Can 2014 be the Year We Put a Dagger in the Heart of Tyranny?

By James White
Forget your resolution to stop eating Bon-bons, resolve to end these ongoing crimes and help take our country back.

NorthWest Liberty News
NorthWest Liberty News

Montana – -( As 2013 end of its life, most of us are looking ahead to 2014. However, for the criminal cabal who rule the world, dates have little meaning. They have a standing plan to perpetrate evil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the end game always in mind. All of which transcends some silly number on a calendar.

So instead of focusing on the upcoming New Year, let us focus on the core operations of the open criminal “mafia” who now occupy many elected seats in government.

In my opinion, the following is a list of criminal activity that needs to end in 2014. However, as I stated earlier, evil operates 24/7. It takes no vacation and doesn’t watch football. So we need to raise a standard to combat evil, and this nation needs your help. Pick one of these issues that suit you, or pick your own, and make it a point to “go to war” in 2014 to kill it, or at least cripple it.

Common Core- I listed this first because it is designed to target the most defenseless, and, arguably, the most impressionable among us. Our children. As usual, the Feds took the state’s money and promised a portion back to them if they signed on to this program. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Common Core, it looks to be right out of the Communist playbook. I covered Common Core in 2013. The link to my story and video is here.

The Nation Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – Not much more can be written about this blatant, criminal usurpation of everything our Constitution stands for. How can a country with our history let something like this take effect? For writing this article, I can be detained indefinitely by our criminal government. However, if you have a pulse, and you must if you are reading this, you are just as guilty as I am and can be detained as well, according to the NDAA.

Agenda 21- In my opinion, this signifies the “head of the snake” for the elite. Agenda 21 is really the framework that most of these other criminal activities operate inside. Perhaps no other policy enacted by un-elected bureaucrats has the potential to harm us more than Agenda 21. I covered Agenda 21 in 2013. The link to my story and video is here.

Reclaim Ownership of State Lands- As I stated earlier, Agenda 21 is the framework of this particular agenda of evil. To be fully implemented, the elite need to move us out of the millions of acres of open land and herd us into compact cities. Sadly, the Feds have a head-start out west. We have the law on our side, but we need to act. I covered this topic twice in 2013. The link to my both of stories and video is here. and here

End the FED- The private Federal Reserve Bank (FED) just celebrated 100 years of destruction for this nation. The FED, in my opinion, has done more damage to this country than any other organized entity. Brilliantly, the Fed maneuvered itself, through deception, into a position where they have “gone around” the constitution. The Constitution contains only two sections dealing with monetary issues. Section 8 permits Congress to coin money and to regulate its value. Section 10 denies states the right to coin or to print their own money. Yet, the FED is in control of our nation’s money. Make the FED go away, and many of our problems go away as well.

Obamacare- I have to fight to hold my breakfast down when I think of this travesty. How can citizens of a supposedly free country be forced, at the barrel of a gun, to buy a product from a private company? And here is the rub, it has nothing to do with helping the less fortunate, uninsured among us. It is all about, once again, a Federal power grab. If you see Obamacare as anything other than what it is intended for, total population control, then you need to read more than just headlines.

Impeach the Imposter in the White House- Sure, it seems highly unlikely that we will boot the imposter occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue before his term is up, but we shouldn’t stop trying. If a common citizen was suspected for as many crimes as Obama and his administration, there would be entire task force created to stop the crime wave that these outlaws have perpetrated. But, not only does this mafia operate with impunity, ½ the country still supports them. I covered Obama in 2013, specifically his voluminous amount of lies. My story about that can be found here.

Well, there is what I have. I am certain, and frankly hoping, that some of you who read this can add to this list of crimes. Is 2014 the year that we throw off our bonds to realize, and more importantly, fight for our God given liberty? I do not know the answer to that one, but I do know that there is no shortage of causes. Till now, there has only been a shortage of good people willing to make a stand.

Sure, you can throw away the Bon-bons for 2014. But, please do not be responsible for throwing away the future of our posterity with your inaction.

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Gregory Romeu
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