DoubleTap Defense New Training Grip for Added Comfort During Range Time

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DoubleTap Defense Training Grip
DoubleTap Defense Training Grip

DoubleTap DefenseST. LOUIS, MO ( – DoubleTap Defense, a firearms design and manufacturing company, announce a new comfortable, slip-on grip for the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol. The new Training Grip provides users with a more positive and comfortable range exercise experience while training with their DoubleTap™ pistols.

The DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol was never developed to be a sporting handgun. The extremely lightweight, concealable pistol harnesses large caliber stopping power to stop a deadly encounter. The DoubleTap™ is a last-ditch gun and life saver, not a plinker. DoubleTap Defense also recognizes that every gun owner should train with their self-defense handgun prior to conceal carry. Therefore, to make the training of your DoubleTap™ more comfortable, a Training Grip has been created for the customers’ comfort.

The new slip-on, oversized rubber grip, made from Santropene, features a padded backstrap, the same Frag pattern and a two-finger groove on the front side. The non-slip surface allows for greater control and safety, even in wet environments. The padding absorbs shock and reduces muscle fatigue.

The Training Grip is not ideal for conceal carry in a pocket as the rubber may not release easily from a pant pocket in times of emergency. The Training Grip has an MSRP of $25.00 and will be available by early in 2014 on the DoubleTap Defense online store.

About DoubleTap Defense:

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, DoubleTap Defense is a firearms design and manufacturing company intent on delivering new paradigms in firearms engineering and production. The DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol is the brainchild of founder Ray Kohout, a firearms industry professional.


  • 11 thoughts on “DoubleTap Defense New Training Grip for Added Comfort During Range Time

    1. First time I shot mine in 45 acp both barrels went off with one pull of the trigger. Broke every blood vessel in the thumb web area. Sent it back for fix. Should have it in a couple of weeks. Have to admit I shot Hornady critical defense before reading the caution from doubletap about that ammo.

    2. I fired I round (45) hurt like hell! When I went to reload the round I shot I noticed an indent in the other shell where it looks like a firing pin barely hit it???? How is this possible, if both rounds go off at same time I swear it would break your hand. I like the gun just because it is small, and packs a 45!

    3. i have two of the double tap ,45,,,and 9mm where can i buy the training grips ,,all i see when i google it it just tells about them ,, can someone wake up and send us info that we ask for ,,or don`t you care about the people that support you .. i`m waiting for an answer please ,,thank you ,

    4. It is specifically marketed as a «last-ditch gun and life saver, not a plinker.» It fills that niche. I carry one for that reason, not as a range gun or to impress anyone with magazine capacity.

    5. I agree, when I bought my Beretta Nano and discovered the magazine only carried 11 rounds, I was disappointed. The Nano is fun to shoot, but my Smith & Wesson 9MM pistol features 17 rounds. The more the merrier I say. I can’t imagine having a two shot gun. What if I miss?

    6. I’ve been seeing these DoubleTap defense weapons showing up on firearm resale sites.

      Some may like them, others might not.

      As for me, I just can’t see the purpose of only having two shots, unless its a last minute back-up weapon.

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