Gun Controllers Embody Muddled Disarray

Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( Could it be that those who wish to control our lives are woefully inept at controlling their own?

Virtually every single layer of Canada's gun control “system” is a litany of confusing bureaucratic twaddle that fails firearms owners every hour of every day. Even the shameless anti-gun automatons who provide fake public safety lectures from their ivory towers are slowly abandoning their fictitious mantra, “But if it saves just one life…” They know we know better.

Firearms owners should toss a bouquet to a fellow gun owner and pithy columnist at the National Post. Matt Gurney crafted another gem this week to undress the amateurish Canadian Firearms Centre website that connects with the RCMP. In a day and age when electronic communicating has never been more robust, the Firearms Centre can't even help a gun owner navigate a licence renewal. (See Gurney's column )

The skeptics among us might be tempted to conclude that this is exactly the way the RCMP brain trust wants it – let's frustrate those gun nuts until they give it up for golf. As Gurney points out, the gremlin-infested Firearms Centre website also generates fear when someone who owns guns can suddenly be designated as unlicensed on his birthday. They risk exposure to the long arm of the law through no fault of their own. Responsible Canadian firearms owners have become a people vanquished by their own federal government.

With that said, there could be a break in the weather. Recently an encouraging letter to the editor from the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. He is making a statement on the record in the Quebec media to explain that a proposed provincial gun registry is no more than a black hole to devour taxpayers' hard-earned wages. Minister Blaney says using antiquated data could pose a risk while it unfairly targets hunters, farmers and sport shooters instead of criminals.

“Nothing can prevent dangerous people from behaving dangerously,” says Minister Blaney's letter to the editor. “However, as legislators, we are responsible to put in place efficient measures, not populist measures intended to provide a false sense of security. And our approach is working: the crime rate continues to fall and, according to Statistics Canada, firearms related homicides are among the lowest they have been in 50 years.”

With Minister Blaney's willingness to promote basic truth, the Harper government has a chance to hit its stride. We urge the Minister to simply apply the same logic to the insidious Firearms Act. Dare we hope that the people who run this country will finally stop criminalizing firearms owners for expired licences?

Mr. Blaney, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Gurney. He has a few things to tell you. Mr. Gurney, this is Mr. Blaney. He is a relatively new public safety minister who appears willing to listen.

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