Liberals – Let the Sharing Begin

By Riley J. Hood – CPoW State Chairman

Love Money
Liberals – Let the Sharing Begin

“For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.” Matthew 23:4

Constitution Party Of Wisconsin
Constitution Party Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin –-(  Sunday, December 29th, 2013, I was listening to a news report about how long-term unemployment benefits are going to run out, and the fault is with “conservatives,” who want liberals to “cut other areas of the budget,” to come up with the hand out.

I understand losing your job, I lost mine in May 2009 and didn’t get long term unemployment. I had only rental money coming in which was sporadic, as my tenant was in the same situation I was, otherwise expenses were eating into my savings. I am one of the 1% of Americans who is actually solvent, debt-free, and a saver. I live within my means. If I wasn’t I would have lost my house, and rightly so.

The situation is worse today in Wisconsin and America, than it was in 2009. Now your government forces you, a free citizen of a free country, to buy auto insurance and health-care insurance.

While I usually refrain from making suggestions to CPoW’s political opponents, I have one this time. Dear Liberals, let the sharing begin. You can, in a heroic deed of utopianism, level America’s income disparity and bail out these poor people, by giving your own money to them directly.

Where do we begin? How about George Soros and Ted Turner? They have plenty of dollars, yet hanging on to them must irk their Communist sensibilities. I got the answer, George and Ted can bail these people out. I have another answer, Congress and all government civil servants are rather nicely paid, courtesy of the tax-payers, so make every civil servant, “adopt a ninety-niner,” and deduct the three hundred dollars a week from their checks directly, more from each Congressman.

I think their charitable attitude will only increase, when they have less personal money.

The only people who should be exempt from this scheme would be the working tax-payer, who has run out of disposable income a long time ago. I’m proud of my little idea. I could be good at spending other people’s money, but then couldn’t we all. Seriously, if the Liberal cared so much, they could do this from their own wealthy resources, as it is, their wealth is only used for destructive purposes, like promoting Planned Parenthood or one-world government. They are hypocrites.

The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is in favor of private relief, and private charity. Cutting out pork elsewhere, to sustain continued handouts, is a good first step. Rolling back the perpetual debts of mandated insurance is another good step. Getting the government out of charity altogether should be our ultimate goal.

Finally, how acquainted can the current administration be with poverty, when its leader grew up rich, never had a hungry day, never did a day’s hard work, and is a creature of liberal universities? Maybe our fearless leader can lead by example he could adopt “20 ninety-niners.” Then he could fund a soup kitchen in Hawaii, he’s so smart he could engineer it from a golf course.

Happy New Year.

Constitution Party of Wisconsin
PO Box 070344, Milwaukee, WI 53207
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Tenring Rob

Even in the bad old days of Communist Russia, the elite had wealth, power and wouldn’t think of giving up any of it. While they extolled the benefits of communism, everyone being equal, they wanted no part of it themselves. While our government has rolled out Obamacare for all except for their political friends who donated the money to get and keep them in office, they have given themselves exemptions for the health care system. They should have to live under the laws they pass for everyone else. Lets use their money to offset the cost because the young, healthy… Read more »


Riley, I like the way you think!!! If all these liberal progressive Obots want to spend OUR money, let them be the first to give and give till it hurts!