Mossberg International Introduces 715P Semi-Auto 22 LR Pistol

Lightweight, Tactical-Style Rimfire Ideal for Target Shooting or Small Game Hunting.

Mossberg 715P Semi-Auto 22 LR Pistol
Mossberg 715P Semi-Auto 22 LR Pistol Red Dot Combo comes with a 1x30mm Electronic Dot Sight

North Haven, CT –-( In March 1919, a partnership formed between a father and his two sons became known as O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

Soon-to-follow was the first Mossberg-branded firearm, the Brownie, a 22 Short, four-barreled pocket pistol. Now 95 years later, Mossberg continues to bring innovative and well-designed firearms to the marketplace under the Mossberg, Maverick, and Mossberg International brands, including the latest introduction – the 715P Semi-Auto 22LR Pistol, based on the phenomenally successful 715T Tactical rimfire rifle.

Now this affordable, fun-to-shoot platform is available as a compact, tactical-style pistol with 25-round or 10-round full-profile magazine and in an optional Red Dot combo package.

These easy-handling semi-auto 715P 22LR pistols, built on the proven 702 Plinkster platform,  feature a full-length top rail with convenient removable, rail-mounted adjustable front and rear sights (front sight is adjustable for elevation and rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation); short, vented quad-rail forend for ease of adding accessories; 6-inch blued barrel with A2-style muzzle brake to reduce muzzle jump; ergonomic, black synthetic pistol grip; and standard 25-round magazine or the option of a specially-designed, full-size 10-round magazine that matches the dimensions of the 25-round magazine. A handy magazine loading tool comes with the 25-round version. MSRP:  $308

The 715P Red Dot Combo comes with a 1x30mm Electronic Dot Sight which provides unlimited eye relief and 95’ field of view at 100 yards, superior brightness and clarity. This durable sight features red/green illumination and is adjustable for windage and elevation. MSRP:  $352

Mossberg 715P Semi-Auto 22 LR Pistol
Mossberg 715P Semi-Auto 22 LR Pistol

Whether you plan an afternoon of target shooting or a day afield chasing squirrels and rabbits, the 715P Semi-Auto 22LR Pistol is equipped to meet your needs. For more information on these rimfire pistols and our complete line of value-packed bolt-action and autoloading rimfire rifles, please visit our web site at

About Mossberg International

Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Mossberg Corporation and offers a lineup of semi-automatic and bolt action rimfire rifles, as well as over-under, side-by-side and semi-auto shotguns.  To learn more about Mossberg Corporation family of companies, including Mossberg International, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, and Maverick Arms.

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dwight cosper

i own a mossberg international 715P

I love it.

my question is, can i remove the flash hider located on the barrel or is that permanently formed into the gun.

i desire to install a government approved suppressor. most of my hearing is gone.

if removable, what type suppressor fitting should i purchase to screw into my existing suppressor

please respond. thanks

Astrid Brown

when will this pistol be for sale?

thank you

Steve Brulotte

when will this pistol be on the market?

Eldon Etchison

I would like to know when the 715 P will be for sail so I can get one or at least order one thank you!!!!!!!!!!!