New Hampshire: “Universal” Background Check Bill Postponed in House Committee

Contact members of this House committee today and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 1589.


Charlotte, NC –-(  On Tuesday, the state House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee postponed its executive session for House Bill 1589 pending consideration of an amended version.

HB 1589 is a misguided anti-gun bill which would mandate “universal” background checks.  As previously reported, if passed and enacted into law, HB 1589 would criminalize the private sale, transfer or loan of any firearm to anyone outside of the immediate family without a background check from a licensed firearms dealer.

“Universal” background checks do nothing to reduce violent crime, and will only affect law-abiding gun owners by imposing cumbersome mandates and restrictions on the lawful purchase and possession of firearms.  Criminals, by definition, violate laws, especially gun control laws.  They don’t register their firearms, purchase firearms through licensed dealers or subject themselves to any gun control schemes that only penalize law-abiding citizens.  Furthermore, it is already illegal to knowingly sell or transfer a firearm to someone classified as a prohibited person, and is a felony for a prohibited person to buy, own or possess a firearm.

Using the contact information provided below, please continue to contact members of the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee TODAY and urge them to oppose HB 1589 and any amended version of the bill when it comes up for a vote.  Your NRA-ILA will keep you updated as this legislation is considered in the House.

Representative Edward Butler (D-7), Chairman
Harts Location
(603) 271-3369
[email protected]

Representative Donna Schlachman (D-18), Vice Chairman
(603) 772-4934
[email protected]

Representative Chris Muns (D-21), Clerk
(603) 929-3629
[email protected]

Representative Angeline Kopka (D-28)
(603) 577-5561

Representative Catherine Mulholland (D-17)
(603) 523-4497
[email protected]

Representative Joe Scarlotto (D-31)
(603) 501-1800
[email protected]

Representative Donald Flanders (R-3)
(603) 524-5369
[email protected]

Representative Pamela Tucker (R-23)
(603) 431-8982
[email protected]

Representative Ralph Doolan (R-1)
(603) 259-3187

Representative Kenneth Gidge (D-33)
(603) 888-2355
[email protected]

Representative Ruth Heden (D-23)
(603) 673-7036
[email protected]

Representative Kermit Williams (D-4)
(603) 654-7684
[email protected]

Representative Ronald Belanger (R-8)
(603) 893-0659
[email protected]

Representative Laura Jones (R-24)
(603) 948-2264
[email protected]

Representative Emily Sandblade (R-18)
(603) 845-3228
[email protected]

Representative Jill Hammond (D-24)
(603) 547-0715
[email protected]

Representative Richard McNamara (D-38)
(603) 464-0212
[email protected]

Representative John Hunt (R-11)
(603) 899-6000
[email protected]

Representative Frederick Rice (R-21)
(603) 929-1517
[email protected]

Representative Keith Murphy (R-7)
(603) 488-5792
[email protected]

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Universal background checks are the greatest single threat to your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. It allows the government to track who is buying the firearms. Even if the government tells you the information will not be kept and used to register firearms, do not believe it. That’s like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse. Anti-gunners know before they can confiscate all the guns they must first know who owns them. Universal background checks gives them this critical information.


“Universal” Background checks are another term for gun owner registration. Gun owner registration leads to eventual confiscation. Look what’s happening in California, New York, and Connecticut!


Good for the NRA!!!! Everyone of these bills needs to be be defeated in every state.

That said why did the NRA remove their oposition to a similar bill in illinois this last year over the objections of the ISRA. The NRA cut a deal to pass HB1189 a bill requiring a background check for private sales and transfers so they could get premption in the Conceal carry law.
Why NRA?