New Years Resolution: More Survival Gear

By Glen Wunderlich

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Survival and Gun Gear
Glen Wunderlich
Glen Wunderlich

Lansing, Michigan – -(  I had to laugh years ago, as I was being driven home by business associates after a meeting.

One of the passengers – a city dweller from Chicago – wondered aloud, as we neared my rural residence: “Aren’t you afraid living out here” .

Apparently, the lack of street lights, convenience stores, or basic amenities of city life struck him as being rather threatening.

Even though only a few miles away are fast-food joints and gas stations on every corner, there is still a level of self-sufficiency required to live the country life. Although it’s comforting to have good neighbors, country folks don’t typically rely on help from others. Rather, they prepare for power outages, floods, blizzards and other natural calamities so that they can ride it out.

However, what some people fail to realize is how winter weather events can have a way of bringing preparedness, or a lack thereof, to reality when traveling. I recall in the late ‘70s, when I-75 was abruptly closed near the Ohio border by deep snow and thousands of motorists were stranded for days in their vehicles.

The National Guard came to the rescue, but not before motorists were forced to fend for themselves.

With this in mind, I solicited advice from outdoor enthusiasts from across North America and here’s a list of items you may wish to consider to take along on your next outdoor excursion. Depending on your level of adventure, some of the gear may be unnecessary for your needs, but it’s better to have it and not need it, than to not have it and need it.

  1. *blankets , space blankets
  2. *boots
  3. *candle
  4. *cell phone
  5. *chainsaw – power or handsaw
  6. *clothing – heavy, warm
  7. *compass (2)
  8. *cup, metal (to melt snow for drinking)
  9. *first aid kit
  10. *flashlight(s)
  11. *food – MREs, trail mix, energy bars
  12. *glass breaker/seat belt cutting tool
  13. *gps
  14. *hand/body warmers,
  15. *handgun
  16. *rifle
  17. 8ammunition
  18. *lighters, waterproof matches, fire starter
  19. *multi-purpose tool (Leatherman)
  20. *paper towels, wet wipes and toilet paper
  21. *Vehicle: full fuel tank, tire chains, flares, good winter tires, tow strap, roadside reflective triangles, jumper cables, good vehicle battery, vehicle battery, air pump for inflating tires. ( 12-voltcompressor) , portable winch (come along),shovel ( folding) , kitty litter for traction, basic hand tools
  22. *water
  23. *wire

Being prepared is every driver’s responsibility and could mean the difference between despair and survival. Nobody plans to get into cold-weather trouble but anyone can plan to get out of it


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