NextLevel Training Introduces New SIRT 107 Training Pistol

Newest Model to the SIRT Family Tree to be Introduced at 2014 SHOT Show.

NextLevel Training IRT Training Pistol
NextLevel Training IRT Training Pistol
NextLevel Training
NextLevel Training

Ferndale, WA –-( NextLevel Training (NLT), manufacturer of firearms training products, has revolutionized the way shooters prepare with the SIRT Training Pistol, a dry-fire training pistol that emits a laser when breaking the auto-resetting trigger.

New to the SIRT family for 2014, NLT is unveiling the SIRT 107 with functional features of the Smith & Wesson M&P at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Introduced at SHOT Show 2011, the original SIRT 110 Training Pistol, having functional features of a GLOCK 17, is a laser-based replica pistol that allows shooters, to improve their gun handling skills such as draws, sight alignment, trigger prep, follow-through, target transitions, reloads shooting on the move and other drills; all without incurring the prohibitive costs of ammunition and targets necessary for time spent at the range.

The new SIRT 107 Training Pistol model features several key upgrades designed to meet the demanding training requirements shown in testing. Users will notice the toggle switch has been moved from the slide to the frame and replaced with a 4-position switch. This upgrade will allow shooters to alternate among variable training modes: activate the prep laser, keeping the shot indication only mode and allowing the shooter to turn the laser off completely – acting as a true dry fire tool. The prep modes allow users to select the activation point of the prep laser at the initial movement of the trigger or delay it closer to the reset for different training scenarios.

Internally the trigger housing has been replaced and upgraded to further increase the SIRTs ability to take rigorous defensive tactics training abuse. The trigger adjustment system has also been simplified to allow for a single-sear tension and break force adjustment, using the same tool that is used on the laser windage and elevation adjustment.

Users will find that the overall system of the new SIRT 107 model was designed with a modular approach to further increase quality, reliability and system flexibility.  And as with all SIRT products, the SIRT 107 Training Pistol is also wallet-friendly.

“NLT’s dedication to proper firearms training has made the SIRT line of products the chosen firearm training device for many Law Enforcement and government agencies around the world.” said NextLevel Training Founder and CEO, Mike Hughes.

“The new 107 model is just another step in NLT’s commitment to producing the best and most versatile firearm training devices for U.S. Law Enforcement, Military and the law-abiding citizen.”

Manufactured in the USA with sturdy construction, NLT’s SIRT training products look and feel like live fire devices by matching the size, weight, and center of gravity of live fire products.

About NextLevel Training
NextLevel Training, located in Ferndale, Washington, supplies SIRT Training Pistols and supplies to law enforcement agencies, competitive marksmen, NRA Certified Trainers, the US military, and private individuals. To learn more about NextLevel Training and the SIRT Training Pistol, please visit

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Cliff Wienk

Need a Dateforthe M&P… can I order it now? Is there a list ?

Brad VanDonsel

When is this Sirt M&P actually coming out? A honest answer would be appreciated whether it is what we want to hear or not. It is not just getting the pistol it is getting a rig and mag holders to practice properly. I own 3 Glock 19’s with various raven concealment holster set ups. Not interested in buying a rig for Glock 17 setup, especially when the I have light holsters for the Glock 19. All my guns are Boresight solution modified grip angle so if I buy a whole new practice setup it will be for the M&P. I;m… Read more »


I have been hearing/reading about the SIRT 107 since 2011 and and it is now 2014 and I am still “waiting”, ergo when ‘will the SIRT 107 be available for purchasing?


When will the model 107 be available?