OutWest Systems & Tall Guns Announce Certification Program for Firearms Instructors

New Advanced Training Course Helps Instructors and Coaches Improve Student’s Firearms Shooting Skills and Techniques.

OutWest OCAT LASER Shooter Marksmanship Systems
OutWest OCAT LASER Shooter Marksmanship Systems
OutWest Systems
OutWest Systems

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –-(Ammoland.com)- OutWest Systems, Inc. and Tall Guns, LLC today announced the OCAT System Certified Trainer Program.

The program educates firearms instructors and coaches how to effectively use the Optical Computer-Aided Training (OCAT) Marksmanship Training System in both a classroom and live fire range setting.

Upon course completion, the firearms instructor attains the rating of OCAT System Certified Trainer. The certification course was developed by Tall Guns, LLC, an industry leader in personal protection products, services and training.

The OCAT System Certified Trainer kit, including the computer-based training (CBT) course, is available through OutWest Systems.

“The OCAT System already is being used by instructors and coaches to teach students firearm techniques and self-defense concepts.”–said Paul Weissler, President and CEO of OutWest System. “We chose Tall Guns as our course development partner because of their in-depth understanding of the OCAT System and long history of providing high-quality firearms training.”

Instructors and students can use the OCAT System indoor (laser mode), outdoor (live fire), or at a live fire range (indoor or outdoor). It is lightweight, sets up in seconds, and doesn’t require any external power sources. The OCAT System provides a powerful, yet simple way for students to more effectively and quickly learn firearm fundamentals, techniques, and advanced self-defense concepts.

“Our goal in developing the OCAT System Certified Trainer Course was to increase the effectiveness of the instructor while creating a more enjoyable learning experience for their students.”–said Buddy Meyers, Managing Partner of Tall Guns. “We believe we’ve exceeded that goal and as a result, expect students to sign up for more advanced training courses and have their family and friends sign up with an OCAT System certified instructor.”

The certification program kit consists of:
  • introduction letter
  • getting started guide
  • computer-based training course CD
  • OCAT System Certified patch
  • OCAT System Certificate
  • Instructor Commission Program (ICP) application form
  • Course cost is $99.95

To To become OCAT System certified, instructors and coaches must pass the CBT certification course. The course consists of four modules and typically takes less than two hours to complete. Upon successful completion of the course, the instructor will receive; an OCAT System Certified Trainer badge;  access to one NRA pistol and rifle discipline course add-ons; and to a concealed carry course add-on.

“One reason we teamed up with Tall Guns was that I wanted to make sure instructors and students were getting the most out of the OCAT System.”–said Jim Cline, Vice President and COO of OutWest Systems.” The new certified trainer program educates instructors how to be more effective teachers and helps students become better shooters.”

Additional information about OutWest Systems’ Optical Computer-Aided Training System is available at www.OCATS.com.


About Tall Guns

Tall Guns LLC is located just north of Denver in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. The company provides personal protection products, services and training. They provide Colorado, Wyoming and Utah concealed carry license courses, Real Streets, IES MILO range based, TASER and NRA courses for instructors and non-instructors.Information about Tall Guns is available on the Web at www.TallGuns.com

About OutWest Systems

OutWest Systems, Inc. is located in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company develops and brings to market unique, innovative and fun products for sportsmen and avid shooters.

Information about OutWest Systems is available on the Web at www.OutWestSystems.com.

The OCAT System is developed and supported in the United States.