Ruger Firearms Being ‘Forced’ Out of California Due to Microstamping Boondoggle

By AWR Hawkins

Ruger SR40c Pistol
Ruger SR40c Pistol
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On January 23rd 2014, Breitbart News reported Smith & Wesson's plans to end most California gun sales due to the state's microstamping regulation.

In so doing, we mentioned that Sturm, Ruger, & Co. had also announced that their guns would likely not be available in California either for the same reason.

Breitbart News spoke to Sturm, Ruger, & Co. on January 24th 2014 and they provided us with this statement “in response to our question about how the [microstamping] law in California will impact Ruger”:

Ruger is committed to its customers in California. Unfortunately, the ill-conceived law requiring the incorporation of microstamping technology into semi-automatic pistols is forcing Ruger pistols off the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California. We are working hard to serve our customers in California and will do all we can to fight this draconian law. We continue to submit pistols to the independent test lab for testing and those pistols meet all the requirements of California in effect when those pistols first appeared on the Roster, i.e., everything except microstamping. We have been informed by the lab that the CA DDI will not even consider these “new” pistols for inclusion on the Roster unless they satisfy the microstamping regulations, which many numerous studies have found unworkable. Until microstamping is repealed, we expect that Ruger pistols–some of the safest available–will continue to be forced off the Roster.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Ruger Firearms Being ‘Forced’ Out of California Due to Microstamping Boondoggle

    1. Well, why don’t they focus more on gang and immigration control before disarm law abiding citizens? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. Oldgringo you forgot New Jersey on that list. In a few years virtually all handguns will fall off the gun list and have a defacto handgun ban. Then they will turn to rifles. After that full gun registration leading to confiscation. Making it that law abiding citizens will not be able to protect themselves. Then it will be only the police, criminals/gang bangers who will have the guns. Depending on the size of your town/city, the police will show up to a victim on a average of 5-35 mins, way too late to help. This will happen in CA unless the people there if they don’t stand up for their 2A rights not privelige.

    3. Good!…Any business that deals with firearms and or hunting merchandise should leave the state of California, Conneticutt, New York, and Colorado to name a few and relocated to a more gun friendly state!

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