Country Music’s Sam Riddle Debuts ‘TAKE THE SHOT’ & ‘BORN TO LOVE COUNTRY’ at 2014 ATA Trade Show

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Sam Riddle
Country Music’s Sam Riddle Debuts ‘TAKE THE SHOT’ & ‘BORN TO LOVE COUNTRY’ at 2014 ATA Trade Show
Easton Outfitters
Easton Outfitters

Nashville, Tennessee –-( Emerging country music star, Sam Riddle, recently released two new songs with close ties to the archery industry. ‘Take the Shot’ and ‘Born to Love Country.

The new songs have been adopted as anthems by two of the best-known brands in the sport of bowhunting—Easton and Beman.

Sam Riddle ( ) was born in Missoula Montana and grew up with the snowcapped Rockies and the eastern plains as his playground.  But life wasn’t all fun.

The kind of work ethic that only a family farm can bring was instilled in Sam through long days of hanging barbwire and hauling hay. Riddle drew inspiration from country living and learned that, faith, family, hard work, and sacrifice are the keys to success.

It’s this uniquely American-made lifestyle that embodies Sam’s newest hit, and Beman’s new anthem, “Born to Love Country.”

Easton’s “Take the Shot,” draws its vision from the bow and arrow and how archery can be a metaphor for achievement in any endeavor. Perseverance, vision, drive, passion, with willingness to take a risk when the opportunity comes along, are the elements that make a winning archer, and are the same for success in life’s pursuits. This message is found in Sam’s new Take the Shot single.

Hear Sam Riddle’s latest songs and pick up your own copy of these new singles January 6-8 2014 at Easton’s ATA booth #1135 while supplies last.

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Cindy wakefield

Where is the band going next would like is your schedule
Email be at [email protected] ,com
Please response sawhi inlaughlinthis week was blown Away
We what dates and tickets pricses pleasse


Sam is such an amazing artist. I love his music.



Deva Conroy

This is amazing to read about Sam, I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was still playing at the Riverhorse restaurant in Park City Utah and he was 100% pure grade gentleman. The music he performed that night was classics, jazz and blues. To see him doing so well now in country is just a testament to the talent that he possesses. Not everyone has the ability to truly shine in the different genres out there, isn’t that why we love all the singing shows on tv, to see talented people performing in all the different soundscapes out… Read more »

Danny Bell/Stephanie Maynor

I’m laughing so hard Sam Riddle has NEVER worked on a farm. He grew up in Queens and I went to one of his shows and was shocked that he has a fake country accent. He is the farthest thing from country. Ask him to bail hay because it will be comic relief.