Stunning Citizen Roll Over – What Happened To “…From My Cold Dead Hands.”

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Colorado –-( Recently an incredibly reliable source with the highest access to this type of information informed me of the following. This is not some Internet conspiracy crap, this is the real deal, it really happened.

Back a few years ago when the so-called “D.C. snipers” were murdering people in the Washington D.C. area a new plan was enacted by conventional police in the Maryland and Virginia urban areas.

The killers used a .223 (5.56mm NATO) caliber rifle. The police found ejected cases at the crime scenes. So the local police hatched the following scheme. Go to various sporting goods stores and gun shops and get the 4473 Federal firearm registrations on anyone with a rifle in that particular caliber and contact them at their home in that area.

But the 4473 research is the domain of the ATF, they needed Federal assistance so ATF and FBI cooperation was gained and the police gained full access to the gun forms. Copies of the registrations were made and contact lists devised.

The local police would go to the firearm owner’s house and ask “PLEASE could we have your rifle to take down to our offices, test fire and compare the cartridge cases with those found at the crime scene.” Quit laughing, it gets worse.

With a simple “Please may we have your rifle…” to prove your innocence, the police were not only given the owner’s registered sale 4473 rifle(s) but in many cases the citizens had other .223 caliber rifles that were NOT on the new purchased 4473 forms and many of these guns were also voluntarily offered up by the cooperating owners to the police. And all it took was a simple “please.”

And, it gets worse. Many of the gun clubs and gun ranges in these areas maintain records on members or guests and the particular guns they are using on that day at the range, etc. Those records were immediately offered up to the police by the gun clubs and ranges. NONE of this was done through a warrant of any kind. Just a simple please…

The numbers of people that offered up their guns was “officially” found to be well over 90 percent (It approximated nearly 98 percent!). Of those who refused to turn in their guns for the testing (among them probably the killers if they were located in the first place) the contacting police officers would then resort to stronger verbal and intimidation techniques. The resisting gun owners basically replied “If you get a court order I will turn in my firearms, until then, no!” No court orders were ever requested or obtained.

The firearms (most) were returned to the gun owners. However, the cartridge cases and identifying information have been coordinated and retained by the police and therefore constitute a voluntary (by the gun owners) cartridge case identification registration forever linked to their gun(s).

The stupidity:

  • Citizens were more than happy to “PROVE” THEIR INNOCENCE to the police.
  • Citizens turned in their guns to the police for a simple PLEASE.
  • People wanted to help catch the killers–by turning in their own guns.
  • Gun clubs and shooting ranges voluntarily turned in their (NON-REQUIRED) records on members and visitors.

We are a country of sheep. …from my cold dead hands indeed.

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I remember that stupid police chief who was blaming it on white red necks, and it turned out to be two Black homosexuals, one of them being an illegal alien to boot. Your tax dollars at work.

The Carpathian

In a misguided, trustful effort to help police catch some real evil gremlins, they handed over their guns for testing. All right.

This super macho bulls**t of “from my cold dead hands” and “Molon Labe” is nothing but hot air from overweight, undereducated, flatulentbuffoons who want to appear as commando material. But they are a waste of skin.

We, as a people will not do anything until the full blown crisis is upon us — end even then, for fear of a paper cut, they will knuckle under and submit to humiliation.


How about telling them “Come back with a court order and another gun of equal quality which I can use in the interim.” LOL


Sheep because standing up for your rights requires GUTS , extremely lacking in our ” feminized society ” .


Whether or not this was an official move by government to confiscate guns, it does prove one very good point – most people will do what they are told to do. This is expecially true when people are made to feel like “partners” with the police, helping them to solve a crime. It is an old trick, but one that works very well. Most people want to cooperate. They want to help. Remember, a con-man uses this common quality in people to HIS advantage.

James S. Ford

lîbertâs aut mors
“Each generation of Americans is conditioned to accept less freedom than the generation before.”—Donna Sue Sasser
“In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”–Ayn Rand

Gregory Romeu

“A man who uses a great many words to express his meaning is like a bad marksman who, instead of aiming a single stone at an object, takes up a handful and throws at it in hopes he may hit.” – Samuel Johnson


Shelton I have no doubt if government confiscation happens you will simply rationalize “so I can stay out of jail and continue to support my family when confronted with draconian anti-terror war powers isn’t all that unreasonable”

Eric R. Shelton

For the record, I have two custom built ARs at home and I’m working on a third. I also have a number of pro-gun videos on YouTube should you want proof of that. Search “The Assault Rifle Myth” or “Shooting Down Anti-Gun Lies”.

Rational discussion and logic are the only way we stay the reasonable alternative to the public at large and avoid anti-gun bills being passed after events like Sandy Hook. This article is neither of those things.

Eric R. Shelton

Jim, I call reactionary idiocy and mania mongering when I see/read it. I hosted the Handgun Podcast (pro-gun) for three years, I’m a life member of the NRA and a Mensa member. Don’t you dare purport to know my politics, and I know exactly what I read. Read the article vs. the headline and tell me seriously that it’s a reasonable comparison. Look at the Patriot Act, NDAA, and every other gross overreach of gov’t power today and tell me honestly: do you really still believe the burden of proof falls on the gov’t to verify your guilt? “From my… Read more »


I seem to recall, beginning this month in DC, gun re-registration began (RE? Registration to the tune of $48 per gun, demanded by the government) and seeing pics of people lined up in droves to comply. O yes, you described the mentality correctly, great article.


There are some interesting conclusions to be derived from the article. One of which is that roughly 2% (maybe 3%?) refused… Sound familiar? You’re also talking about D.C., where the peasants have long since cowed to their overlords. I’m not sure you’d have the same success rate if you tried the same approach in say Idaho. On the other hand, those FFL’s, Clubs, etc., should be sued for releasing personnally identifiable information (PII) without a court order.


Pretty obvious that Shelton did not read the in his words “crap article” (name calling is the first thing anti-gunners and liberals resort to)or he doesn’t get it–the thing says nothing about confiscation that I saw, it just deals with how easily people surrendered their guns which it says were returned) to the police to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE to this crime. If Shelton is so concerned about how we gun owners appear to the public it might help for him to read better and get his facts correct about what he read first rather than reacting to what he thinks… Read more »

Eric R. Shelton

Oh, for pete’s sake… This wasn’t a confiscation effort- it’s completely different than the context of “from my cold, dead hands”. Crap articles like this are why patriotic, RATIONAL shooters get a bad reputation. Making huge leaps in association like this are hugely damaging to the pro-gun side. Do me a favor, and when the time comes to debate the antis, kindly remain quiet so the rest of us don’t look like fools. The beltway sniper shootings took place 13 months after 9/11. The American public was still panicky, thought the Patriot Act and TSA were good ideas, didn’t know… Read more »


There is no doubt, if and when a national/state emergency or anything resembling that which is up to the discretion of the President or state governors in many states)is declared and firearms and ammunition are ordered turned in with violators indefinitely interned (habeas corpus will be suspended as it was in the civil war) and despite all the macho “…from my cold hands…” the stampede to turn in guns will be incredible. As your article states, we really are a nation of sheep.

Harry Jawles

Some people are willing to give up almost anything now days. Good for those people that demanded a court order. It gives me hope that not all people just do what’s asked simply because a police officer asks them.Some government is good with checks and balances in place and functional I’m simply of the opinion that people need to educate themselves and know when to draw a line in the sand.