Support Anthony P Colandro for NRA Board of Directors

Support Anthony P Colandro for NRA Board of Directors
Support Anthony P Colandro for NRA Board of Directors
Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio

Belleville, NJ –-( Hello My Fellow Supporters!

The NRA Ballot's will be mailed in a week or so. Please remember to Vote Anthony P Colandro for NRA and please if possible just Bullet vote for me!

Here is the Colandro For NRA link for you to post on forums, email to other supporters, etc.

Again I thank you for you support and trust.


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  • 3 thoughts on “Support Anthony P Colandro for NRA Board of Directors

    1. You fellows who want this guy always vote for your FRIENDS and you never examine the impact of their real politics.

      Colandro is NOT a conservative or libertarian, in fact. He is actually a Neo-Con. If you do not understand the difference, then you need to go research those terms. Anthony believes all the bullish*t propaganda put out by those fine people in the upper levels of Government. He admits it openly. Does anything more need to be said? The man is brain dead. He has no business assuming any leadership post at the NRA or pretty much any place else where people who respect the Constitution are gathered, imo. Neo-Con politics is about using false events as an excuse to take away your rights and say its good for you. Simple.

      Don’t vote for Anthony Colandro unless you hate yourself and your country. He needs to concentrate on his shooting range and eating pizza, not imposing his false impressions and philosophies on the gun buying public.

      Fresh air? Give me a friggin’ break!

    2. I am happy to endorse Anthony Colandro for the NRA Board of Directors. I have listened to his “Gun for Hire” podcasts for several years. He has expressed strong opinions, but has never made me question his integrity or reliability as a voice in support of the Second Amendment. He has called the NRA leadership out on occasion, particularly with regard to how the NRA has conducted campaigns in the benighted state of New Jersey. When the NRA took exception, he provided an open mic and brought in an NRA spokesman. They had a salty debate that took issues head on. Some of the discussion reached into strategy and tactics, but I was convinced that Anthony’s points were fair. The discussion left me convinced that Mr. Colandro would bring fresh air into the increasingly insular and enclosed NRA board.

      Chris Knox
      The Firearms Coalition

    3. I have to be honest. I have many problems with this guy’s election to NRA board member. And its not his ‘antagonist’ tendencies that bother me, as that is a good thing. I feel the man is severely biased against many folks who subscribe to NRA membership. This is not so good.

      My biggest problem with Anthony is he appears to act as if the typical Northeast elitist/RINO republican view of the world is somehow of a higher legitimacy than your average southern pro-2nd amendment conservative. And I’m from the northeast. I just know that if you’re going to vote for a representative on the board, it seems to me that you want one who doesn’t consider one group of pro-gunners to be of a better breed (or something) than other sincere, devoted Americans.

      I think Anthony is a bit brain-washed to accept a lot of pro-govt BS that is designed to support the police state, while he mouths a view which appears to be opposed to over-restriction and bans. I don’t think a person can serve two masters. Either you are totally pro-liberty or you are acting as a statist. And I’m sorry, Anthony. You like to joke around, but this is a very serious thing. You believe all the government explanations, apparently. Why don’t you ever question their sincerity when they continue to lie to us about every issue? I really do not think you are as discerning as you would like people to believe.

      You want to stir things up on the board? Well, that’s fine with me. But don’t marginalize those of us who possess a higher level of distrust than your questionable analysis would indicate. You know, you endorse Fiamingo, seemingly unconditionally. Many of us have major disagreements with him. But you accept his organization as a sponsor for your radio show. There is no level of criticism for the man’s inaction in many cases and that DOES NOT REPRESENT MANY NJ PRO-GUNNERS VIEWS.

      In short, you represent Anthony Colandro. But this in no way speaks to your representation of many other NRA members’ views or other pro-gun organizations for that matter. I understand that you feel that you are smarter than the average person and I would take issue with that. I think you are completely average in your self-deception and you will be very surprised up ahead when your illusions about this life are shattered.

      A few weeks ago, after Nelson Mandela died, you displayed your ignorance of history when you gave him a ‘tip of the hat’ on your radio show. Well, that was a very trendy thing to do. Lots of half-awake trendoids would probably say you were right to compliment Mandela and his legacy. Trouble is, the man was an avowed Marxist. His wife even had political opponents ‘necklaced’ where they tie a burning rubber tire to your neck. You appear to know little to nothing about real history, but you think you are the smartest person in the room. Who could convince you otherwise? Nobody. Its embarrassing to listen to some of your rants. You have not done your homework, bud.

      That being said, you are probably not the worst candidate for this job. Anybody would admire your motivation to DO SOMETHING out in the world rather than just complain on a blog, or elsewhere. I just think folks should not have any illusions about what you stand for. If you’d like to clear any of this up in advance of the elections, please do. As of right now, I don’t think I would vote for you. I’m not saying these other people are any better necessarily, but they are not running for board member. I do not feel you represent my point of view and I don’t appreciate being marginalized by someone who flaunts his ignorance and calls it ‘being intelligent.’ ~ Thanks for listening.

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