Tacprogear BLACK releases NIJ Certified Hard Armor Plates

Tacprogear BLACK announces the debut of a complete line

of six NIJ Certified Hard Armor Ballistic Plates, to be shown at SHOT Show 2014

 Tacprogear BLACK

 TacProGearDELRAY BEACH, FL (Ammoland.com) – Tacprogear, a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe announces a new line of BLACK Ballistic Armor Plates specifically for US Government, Military, Law Enforcement and Federal Agency clients.  International distributors will be given access in 2014.

The BLACK line was based completely upon new concepts and designs from mission specific requests and feedback from end users in the field. BLACK products are 100% made in the United States and only available to military and LE customers.

“The BLACK plate line has started with the launch of six new plates in Level III and Level IV certified protection, including lightweight PE plates, ceramic plates, and SAPI/ESAPI style plates, “stated CEO Dan Lounsbury.  “The BLACK line is still identified as Tacprogear through the use of our dragon logo, symbolizing our commitment to quality and strength, but it will only be available to select customers and not on our website or for general public consumption.” More information can be found on the NLETC Compliant Product Listing at www.justnet.org

About Tacprogear:

Tacprogear is a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe. The Tacprogear product lines include apparel, armor, bags and packs, nylon pouches, accessories and more.

Bridging the gap between outdoor functionality and real world requirements, Tacprogear is designing new solutions through the innovative use of lightweight materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Tacprogear relies heavily upon the constant feedback and input from operators in the field, and seeks to continually evolve the product offerings. Tacprogear BLACK, which debuts in 2014, features an exclusive line of American Made, Mission Specific products. www.tacprogear.com and   www.tacprogearblack.com

Visit Tacprogear at SHOT Show, Booth 20055

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“Law Enforcement and Military Only”? Then, I won’t buy anything from them. There are plenty of other businesses who will sell to law-abiding citizens. There is no reason to purchase anything from them.


Oh, It’s okay for us peasants to carry consealed, but not okay to be protected from bullets entering our bodies, launched at us by criminal scumbags. This company will hopefully go under as well as all who snub the lawful gun owners of America. We will continue to make our own out of tempered sheet steel and other composite layering models. After all if you can do it, we who are resourceful can do it as well.


You only sell to government & L.E.! That’s B.S!! Here’s one more out fit I truly hopes Goes out of business Fast !!