The CR SECURE 2 Duty Holster; New from Rescomp Handgun Technologies

The new CR SECURE 2 Gen 2 Duty Holster Provides Superior Retention and Speedy Access for Law Enforcement, Military, Security or Sport Shooters

The CR SECURE 2 Duty Holster; New from Rescomp Handgun Technologies
The CR SECURE 2 Duty Holster; New from Rescomp Handgun Technologies
Rescomp Handgun Technologies
Rescomp Handgun Technologies

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA ( – Rescomp Handgun Technologies, manufacturers of competition holsters and gear, announce the new CR SECURE 2 high-pressure, injection-molded, auto-locking duty holster.

Ideally suited for law enforcement, military, security or sport shooting applications, the CR SECURE 2 provides superior retention with immediate access to the handgun by the user.

The holster features a patented locking system residing in between the holster body and the user, minimizing the possibility of an unauthorized access, i.e. “snatching.” The spring loaded, locking mechanism is deactived by the user’s thumb, enhancing both a natural draw and maximizing safety by keeping the finger placed along the handgun’s slide and away from the trigger.

Rescomp’s duty holsters have received wide acceptance in the law enforcement, military and government arenas, as well as the civilian markets. The new CR SECURE 2 continues that tradition with added benefits for the end user. The overall design of the CR SECURE 2 holster allows for a quick, safe and natural draw. The automatic lock is disengaged by the user’s thumb, eliminating the possibility of an accidental discharge during a draw. The firearm can be securely holstered with one hand, automatically locking it firmly into place with the patented locking mechanism.

The CR SECURE 2 holster is made of injection molded glass-filled nylon, providing it with optimal strength for a long, reliable service life. The brass and stainless steel components are corrosion resistant and able to withstand harsh environments.

The CR SECURE 2 holster is modular in construction, thus allowing it to change out parts for a wider range of handgun applications. For example, the GL-BR model can adapt to both the small framed GLOCKs and Beretta 92 pistols and the PX4 model will fit the Beretta PX4 Storm as well as the Beretta 92 and small framed GLOCKs.

Competitively priced the new Rescomp Handgun Technologies CR SECURE 2 holster is available for GLOCK/Beretta, PX4, Walther, H&K, SIG Sauer and Grand Power handguns. For more information visit or be part of the conversation on Facebook at CRSpeedGear.  If you will be attending Shot Show 2014 Rescomp will have their Secure 2 on display at their booth #420

About Rescomp Handgun Technologies:

Rescomp Handgun Technologies was established in 1991 by the company’s CEO, Franco Resca, a mechanical engineer.  This South African Company has been awarded several US and International patents on some of its innovative firearms accessories. Rescomp has an enviable track record in the Action Shooting Sports such as IPSC and USPSA. Rescomp’s CR Speed range of competition holsters and gear have been used by many top shooters attaining championship wins in many prestigious international shooting events including Six IPSC World Shoots and multiple USPSA National Championship titles . The company also produces high quality CNC machined titanium, CrMo steel and aircraft grade aluminum products and accessories for the US in both the shooting sports and military/law enforcement applications.

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    1. I am looking for a lefthand holster for my son who is completing his basic police training next month. Is this possible and what will the cost be ? It is for the CR SECURE 2 Duty Holster.

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