This Week on Shooting USA – The BUG Match & Long-Range Rimfire

SAF Alan Gottlieb and Jim Scoutten
SAF Alan Gottlieb and Jim Scoutten
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA – The S&W Back Up Gun Nationals: It's the match for the gun you actually carry, the first Backup Gun Nationals inside Smith & Wesson's ranges in Springfield, Mass.

The snub nosed revolvers and pocket pistols are shooting head-to-head in competition that simulates CCW in the real world.

Plus, the story of the moon clip, created for the M1917 Colt. Then John shows you how to improve your AR Trigger in a Brownells Home Gunsmithing Project. And Todd Jarrett shows you how to shoot your AR in unusual positions.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Jerry’s Rimfire Challenge.
Jerry Miculek goes long-range with his rimfire guns. How far can he push the boundaries? Jerry says, “A little bit of wind here, guys. On a .22, it’s really, really hard to live with, so that’s what makes it fun. That’s why it’s Impossible Shots.” That is the question, can Jerry meet the challenge?

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Editing of the 2014 SHOT Show Special is Underway:
It was four days of moving and shooting (video) to find the new items coming for 2014. We’re back and our editors are putting the One Hour Special together. You’ll see our report Wednesday, February 12th. Mark your calendar. This is the one you don’t want to miss.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots claims another Golden Moose:
It’s the second time Impossible Shots has taken the award for Best Shooting Sport Show. We claimed the judges’ votes with an amazingly fast shooting segment by Jerry Miculek—Impossible for any of us, but normal for Jerry.

Shooting USA Now Platinum with SAF:
Our commitment for 2014 is in supporting The Second Amendment Foundation that is constantly in the courts defending our constitutional rights to own and carry. Founder Alan Gottlieb presented the sponsor plaque during SHOT Show. SAF attorney Alan Gura won the historic Heller Case when the US Supreme Court declared the 2nd Amendment an Individual Right. SAF has since been building on that success, enforcing gun rights in more than 30 current lawsuits across the country, including concealed carry in Illinois, and suing for gun rights in Chicago. It’s our job to help support them in that work.

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The Shooting USA Show Page will keep you up to date on the show schedule and events we cover that will be part of a future TV show.

The Impossible Shots Official Show Page will take you behind the scenes with our expanding team of Exhibition Shooters. Expect some photos of the Impossible to let you know what’s coming up.


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S&W Back Up Gun Nationals
S&W Back Up Gun Nationals
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