Travis County Texas Holding Saxet Gun Show Hostage

Todd Beiter and Saxet Gun Show Needs YOU to Attend the Travis County Commissioner's Court Meeting Tuesday, January 7th at 9 a.m.

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( Todd Beiter's Saxet Gun Shows have been held in the Austin area for over 20 years.

Beiter's shows are well-run and well-attended. For the last several years Beiter has contracted with Travis County to use the Exposition Center, on the eastern out-skirts of Austin, and the only suitable facility in the area.

Earlier this year, Travis County sought to force Saxet to require NICS checks on all gun sales and transfers including private sales. The majority of the table vendors, more than 90%, have an FFL and use NICS.

Uniformed off-duty law enforcement at the doors, provide security and also inspect and cable-tie all firearms brought for sale by vendors or attendees. Todd runs a good business and a “tight-ship” when it comes to safety and following all state and federal laws.

We reported earlier year that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott tweeted that the city of Austin and Travis County could expect a “double-barrel lawsuit” if they pursued their threats on Saxet Gun Shows. This was because the County sought to break an existing contract with the promoter.

Now it's time for a new contract with Travis County and the county is again attempting to broaden the requirements for private sales.

Commissioners offered Todd a contract last fall, which he signed. Then commissioners decided to open the “discussion” to the public. Todd is being pressed to require all gun transfers and sales within his event to submit to a NICS check. This would include those who walk-in with a firearm and sell to another attendee in the aisle.

This is not required by federal law, this is not required state law and the only person who could be “punished” for failing to comply with this requirement would be Todd Beiter, the promoter. He could lose his contract and thereby his business if someone simply refuses to comply.

Todd Beiter, Saxet Gun Shows, refuses Travis County's demands.

Austin and Travis County Seek to Make Gun Laws

As we reported earlier:

An advocacy group wanting the county to put rules in place that will require anyone selling fire arms at gun shows to do background checks on potential buyers. Francis Shankin with “Texas Gun Sense” says many commercial sellers at the events already do them – but some vendors don't bother. going inside the arena to do their selling.

The allegation above is unfounded and untrue as Saxet Shows have more than adequate security in the parking lot as well as in the show.

Attend the Tuesday Morning Commissioners Court Meeting and Be Heard!

Remind the Commissioner's Court that Todd Beiter is a good tenant who obeys all federal and state law. Don't let Austin take the lead!

 Use the links above to email Travis County Commissioners.  For more information on Travis County use this link.

The Commissioners Court will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday in the Commissioners Courtroom on the 1st floor of the Travis County Administration Building, located at 700 Lavaca Street in Austin.

If you care about the future of gun shows in Austin, please make plans to attend and urge Commissioners to renew the contract with Saxet, with no ineffective gun control strings attached. Talking points are provided below on how and why restrictions on private transfers will do nothing to reduce crime.

Don't let Austin be the first! We need your help.

Keep the Faith
Alice Tripp
Legislative Director


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  • 9 thoughts on “Travis County Texas Holding Saxet Gun Show Hostage

    1. Texas’ preemption statute states:
      “A municipality may not adopt regulations relating to the transfer, private ownership, keeping, transportation, licensing, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or firearm supplies.”
      The city of Austin can’t legally require background checks on private sales. Period.

    2. Unfortunately, Austin has become a Liberal/Communist/Marxist cesspool. These deviants have infected our great state after escaping what they thought were repressive governments entities in the state(s) they left. I guess feeling like fish out of water where Texas citizens were a free people they felt threatened. So, what did they do? They began running for public office on their Marxist platforms and the insects that fled from like states began voting them into office. Now, we formerly free Texans, are facing the same onslaught to our liberties that everyone else across the nation is feeling at the hands of these mindless drones and mentally challenged viruses.

    3. It sounds to me like it’s time for Travis county voters to have a recall on these elected(liberal) officials that aren’t listening to “we, the people”. Vote them out of office and elect some conservative officials.

    4. Perhaps it is time to talk with our elected reps about curtailing some of the money the state pours into Austin. If they had to budget like every other City in Texas – they might not have time to be playing these childish games.

    5. People of Austin need to be vigilant! We used to have monthly gun shows in Euclid Ohio and it was only about a ten minute drive from my front door. I attended practically every one. The city closed them down and now if I want to attend one, I have to drive almost 45 minutes. Don’t let them shut him down!!!

    6. Time to look for another area to have a Saxet Gun Show. I have attended the ones that have been held in San Antonio, although I haven’t been able to go for awhile due to work scheduling. I have ALWAYS found them to be GREAT. Security, safey and the vendors have been outstanding. I have seen and heard individuals “try” to buy a firearm, shall we say, outside of what the “law” requires and I have seen a couple of them “escorted” out of the building. I think the “commissoners” in Travis County are of the liberal breed that are starting to infest the area.

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