Utah Itroduces Improved Disorderly Conduct Amendments Bill

Rep. Paul Ray Introduces H.B. 276 – Disorderly Conduct Amendments and Utah Legislative Session begins Monday, Jan. 27th 2014.

Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

Utah – -(Ammoland.com)-Rep. Paul Ray Introduces Disorderly Conduct Amendments Bill

Rep. Paul Ray has introduced H.B. 276 — Disorderly Conduct Amendments. This bill has been thoroughly vetted in prior legislative sessions. This is a well-reasoned bill which will take pressure off of both law-enforcement and the courts. It supplies law enforcement with more precise guidance on what constitutes disorderly conduct so as to not punish innocent activities.

This issue came to a head when two individuals were publicly transferring a firearm from one vehicle to another in order to go target shooting. A non-shooter observed the transfer, panicked, and called the police. The police responded and had no choice but to apply disorderly conduct to the activity. This wasted law enforcement and court time and cost the individuals both their shooting time and expense.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council fully supports this bill in its current form.

Additionally, the USSC will oppose any competing bills on this subject, particularly any that would seek to expand the activities characterized as disorderly conduct. Such bills would violate the intent of legislation on this topic.

Utah Legislative Session begins Monday, Jan. 27th 2014

The legislative session begins next Monday, January 27th. Please watch for our future alerts and respond to our recommendations. In this way your voice is heard and assures that only legislation which protects and/or strengthens our Second Amendment protections prevail.

Please Forward to All Second Amendment Supporters.


About Utah Shooting Sports Council:
The Utah Shooting Sports Council represents the citizens of Utah who safely and legally own and use firearms, exercising rights guaranteed under both the United States and Utah constitutions. Visit:www.utahshootingsports.com

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Amazing but not surprising it takes until 2014 to construct a law that actually abides by the law of common sense. The praetorians “had no choice” to use restraint, common sense, and apply the law by its rational intent. So good men have to contend with gunpoint-enforcer idiocy? Makes for some convenient ticket-quota filling. Disorderly conduct because some liberal, anti-gun ninnie gets all neurotic at the sight of certain tools? Pathetic! I remember the same gunpoint-enforcer nonsense a year or two ago when a LAWFUL open-carrier in UT was tattled on by some left-wing ninnie, and the open-carrier finds himself… Read more »