Why I Think Harvey Weinstein Is Wrong

By Ben D Hunter

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Pennsylvania –-(Ammoland.com)- Elite movie producer Harvey Weinstein says he’s going to make an anti-gun movie starring Meryl Streep targeting the NRA.

Seems to me what people like Mr Weinstein forgets the NRA has been in existence from 1817 and we have seen our share of anti-gun, I know what’s best for you because I’m rich and smart.

I say “we” because the NRA isn’t just one man somewhere sitting behind a desk calling shots, it’s made up of millions of people (activists) just like me, Black, White, Spanish, Rich, Poor, Man, Woman, etc.

As a member of the NRA, I’ve seen what they have accomplished throughout the years and they aren’t the boasting type, forming rifle clubs at colleges and universities backing in 1903, starting hunters education programs in 1949, law enforcement training in 1956 and the Eddie Eagle program to keep our children safe around firearms “Stop don’t touch leave and tell an adult”.

I could go on but I think people get the point.

We’ve been at these cross roads before from Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapon, Beatrice Kean’s Joyce Foundation, Michael Bloomberg’s group “Mayors against legal guns”, Shannon Watts group Moms Demand Action and the list goes on and on, point is this battle didn’t start with Mr Weinstein and won’t end at him.

When you come for my freedom and means to protect my self and my loved ones you need to come better than just some fancy movie and that’s all it is, a movie.

Ben D Hunter
Bethlehem, PA
[email protected]
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Actually, I think you transposed a couple of numbers there. The NRA was founded after the civil war, in 1871, not 1817. Just saying…


These are the type of tactics used when you want to distort truth and the facts. This fictitious, propaganda film is nothing more than an attempt to manipulate the publics perception of the NRA. The truth is the NRA works tirelessy to protect your second amendment rights. Rich, elitist, hypocritical(made his fortune producing very violent films), antigun film producer Harvey Weinstein knows this and knows the facts don’t support the antigun arguement. So in order to manipulate public into believing the antigun lies, he makes a propaganda film and presents as the lies as truth. This type of tactic has… Read more »