Audi’s ‘2NRA294’ Super Bowl Message to the NRA #StayUncompromised

By Fredy Riehl

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( We have been flooded with questions from our readers as to what the license plate message “2NRA294” followed by the words, “compromise scares us too” meant in the recent Audi Superbowl commercial “Doberhuahua”?

Well after contacting everyone we could find at Audi USA, from Vice President & Chief Communications Officer, Joe Jacuzzi on-down, we finally received a call back from a Mrs James in Audi Customer service to tell us that the prominently featured license plate with 2NRA294 on it “means nothing and was chosen at random”.

Hmm? Totally at random?

Ok, then why did ABC’s Nick Watt’s recent video report “Super Bowl Ad Mania: Behind the Scenes See how Audi’s “Doberhuahua, Ad came to be” go into great detail about how every minute aspect of the ad was carefully scripted and edited. Nick is told by the video production company’s  James Allen, that they even had five people working on getting the Doberhuahua’s fur just right and yet you want us to believe that 2 seconds of a insanely expense commercial spot, with a licenses plate featured front and center,  was just left to random numbers and letters?

Does Audi Believe In the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
So with Audi basically giving us the equivalent of “No Comment”on the 2NRA294 plate, could it be that Audi’s real message to the millions of NRA members may be just that, “Don’t Compromise” on principles or values.

Recently Adui’s Loren Angelo, Audi of America’s director of marketing, told Marketing Daily when talking about the A3 ” the larger point is that there are no compromises in any of Audi’s cars” and “Audi has a strong social program installed both on Twitter — #stayuncompromised — and Snapchat this year.”

We we all know that being pro gun in today’s world can be a reason for the anti gun groups and main stream media to attack a large company such as Audi, so maybe they are keeping a low profile, but their message is clearly intended to catch the eye of viewers.

So I for one am going with the belief that they are telling the millions of  NRA members to hold strong on your belief in our right to keep and bear arms and as Audi’s hash tag says #StayUncompromised.

What do you think?

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Well, here it is , folks.

The anti-gun World Health Organization uses codes for international classification of diseases, including mental illness, which are used by medical organizations around the world (like our CDC) to diagnose and identify diseases using a unified code system. They call these ICD codes.

The ICD code 294 is for “Persistent mental disorders”. More specific disorders would be indicated by a subgroup after a decimal, like 294.11 which is “Dementia with behavior disturbance.”

So basically, the Audi plate means ” To NRA: Diagnosis: Persistant Mental Disorders”


Re the above–it is an American produced ad for an American audience–not European. The date is what the date is–an American intended message.


Most of Europe writes their dates in a different order than the US. 294, could be April 29th. One Google search revealed


Is that a Freemason handshake by pet store guy?

Judges: ‘It’s disturbing to look at it directly.'(ignorance, denial, refusal to see the agenda)

Sarah Mclaughlin – ‘will you help these misunderstood animals?’ (those ignorant of facts, blind to their agenda – help them)

Judges: ‘I don’t like the fact that it’s looking this way’. (runs to attack judges; representing the court systems, laws, rights)

And lastly ‘Save Yourselves!’

eyes wide open

“Save yourselves”! No one is going to do it for you.

Paul M.

The choosing of the Doberman Pinscher wasn’t random either – the breed originated in Germany and is the only dog that was bred for personal protection (firearm?). And, during World War II, the United States Marine Corps adopted the Doberman Pinscher as its official War Dog.


The elite speak in code, numerology, symbols. While it may seem obvious that this is about the NRA, it goes deeper. The July sticker is part of it.


Ah ha, I sent in a earlier email saying it is random. But a friend reminded me that the anti-gun Brady Law became legally effective on February 1994 (294). NOW I realize this license plate IS a covert message–especially when combined with the do not compromise ad message. It would basically read to(2)the (NRA) Brady in effect on February 1994 (2/94)–followed with the ads verbiage of NO COMPROMISE. The Audi owned Germans probably remembering their Hitler imposed gun control Act of 1938–which thanks to then powerful and fanatically anti-Second Amendment Connecticut U.S. Senator Thomas Dodd used a copy of to… Read more »


Who cares if it was intentional or unintentional? It has a true meaning and, the lefties don’t like it. Therefore, I like it.

Buck Crosby

I don’t pretend to be able to see into the future in general , But I am pretty sure I see an Audi in my future .


Just random–unfortunately–but still a happy coincidence for gun owners. If they wanted to send a unconscious message they would have created a special plate with a better tag message than 294.


Its a bit of a stretch but I294 is the first thing that comes up in a search for 294. Chicago has some of the strictest laws on guns in the nation yet some of the highest gun violence. I294 is a bypass around the city of Chicago. ????


I’m with Coop on this one. I’m betting the mystery message was 1) anti-gun and 2) directed squarely at the NRA. Why else would they refrain from comment to a pro-gun publication if it was a pro-gun message? I can’t chalk the ‘294’ up to random coincidence when it’s the month and year that the Brady Bill went into effect (2/28/94).


2/94 — Brady handgun Violence Reduction Act goes into effec.????

Shane Lien

Unless you can tell me the secret meaning of the numbers around “NRA” I still going with it being random. Sorry but it’s just wishful thinking that it’s a message of support. It would be nice if it were true, but it doesn’t look like anything more than a coincidence.