California Sheriff Complies with 9th Circuit Court, Loosens CCW Restrictions

By AWR Hawkins

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Orange County Sheriff Complies with 9th Circuit Court, Loosens CCW Restrictions
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On February 20th 2014 Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens loosened concealed weapons permit (CCW) restrictions in light of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling against California's requirement that applicants show “good cause” before being allowed “to obtain a concealed carry permit.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, Sheriff Hutchens has “relaxed the requirements” so that “applicants will no longer have to prove just cause in order to obtain a CCW.” They now “need to show simply the desire to obtain a [CCW] for self-defense or for personal safety reasons.”

Although critics of the move point out that the Ninth Circuit's ruling could yet be appealed, “a sheriff's spokesman said the Orange County Sheriff's Department is now accepting applications for CCWs.”

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  • 6 thoughts on “California Sheriff Complies with 9th Circuit Court, Loosens CCW Restrictions

    1. Well, JD, you really should care what happens here and in other gun unfriendly places like NY. Why? Because our craptastic states are testing grounds for gun grabbing policies. If something passes here and sticks, it can often be used in other states as an example or in the case of state vs federal issues as case precedent.

      So, instead of being dismissive and condescending, perhaps you can try assisting people who live in “anti-gun” states to change the laws etc…

    2. No, you may not apply in another county. I believe it was in the mid 1990’s that Californians were going to rural sheriffs to obtain California concealed carry permits. California Democrats wanted to keep Californians disarmed, but did not give up the perks of local power and control, so they required that you could only apply for a permit in your county of residence. So, like a medieval serf, you must go to your political master to beg for permission to be armed.

    3. Wow, Now if our San Diego Fella will do the same. She has created a position now. I wonder if you are outside of Orange county can one go there to apply??

    4. It’s BS. Sheriff Hutchen’s is only doing this because it is an election year and she is not popular but wants to be re-elected. She is former LAPD command staff which means she is anti-2A.

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