California’s Gun Confiscation Program Hits Firearm Owners Hard

Efforts by the California Department of Justice to disarm gun owners have led to apparent civil rights violations, gun group says.

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California’s Gun Confiscation Program Hits Firearm Owners Hard
CalGuns Foundation
CalGuns Foundation

ROSEVILLE, CA –-( Following numerous reports of improper arrests and firearm seizures throughout California, Roseville-based gun rights group The Calguns Foundation has issued a new warning to gun owners in the Golden State.

“Gun confiscation efforts pushed by Attorney General Kamala Harris have apparently led to unconstitutional arrests of regular, non-prohibited gun owners as well as the seizure of their firearms and ammunition,” said Brandon Combs, the group’s executive director and creator of the Foundation’s DOJ Watch project.

California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System, or ‘APPS’, firearms confiscation program was funded in 2013 through Senate Bill 140, authored by state legislators including San Diego-based senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine). SB 140 re-appropriated money paid by gun buyers for background checks to APPS law enforcement actions, including the one which took firearms from Bakersfield, California resident Michael Merritt.

“These frightening raids, often carried out by heavily armed DOJ agents and local law enforcement agencies, aren’t just hitting violent criminals,” noted Combs. “What a sad day it is when even elderly law-abiding people need to be on the lookout for Ms. Harris’ gun-grabbing goons.”

Should you be contacted by law enforcement, be polite but prepared to exercise your rights. For instance, should a warrant be served upon you, do not physically resist the officers but do remain silent and contact your attorney as soon as possible. Do not consent to any search and remember that you are not required to volunteer information or open locked containers.

As part of its ongoing efforts to defend gun owners from malicious and improper prosecutions, The Calguns Foundation operates a Help Hotline for firearms related legal issues. Should you be the target of the DOJ’s APPS gun confiscation efforts or any other firearms-related law enforcement encounter, detainment, or arrest while in California, the Foundation suggests the following:

● Never consent to a search

● Exercise your right to remain silent

● Contact CGF’s Help Hotline through the online form at or call (800) 556-2109, open 24/7/365

● If you need immediate legal assistance, please contact an attorney (some firearms attorneys are listed on the CGF Help Hotline web page)

Visit for more information about The Calguns Foundation’s Help Hotline and to submit requests for assistance on urgent firearms-related legal matters.

The Calguns Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members, supporters, and the public through educational, cultural, and judicial efforts to defend and advance Second Amendment and related civil rights. Supporters may to join or donate to CGF.

  • 57 thoughts on “California’s Gun Confiscation Program Hits Firearm Owners Hard

    1. Confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens is illegal, period. This is also a felony, since the theft is, in reality, armed robbery. Why? The guns are being taken at gunpoint.

      All of those gun owners have every right to defend themselves in this case, since those attempting to seize them are endangering the lives of not only the gun owners, but also the lives of their families.

    2. It time to outlaw EVERYTHING that can kill people. I mean, why do half a job?

      We need to outlaw and
      confiscate ALL these items –

      Nail Guns
      Chain Saws
      Swimming Pools
      Fast Food, etc.

      These items have been known to endanger and kill many people. Many criminals have used most of these items in robberies and murders.

      Time to get the real job done if you’re concerned about Public Safety!

    3. I don’t see anyone in Kalifornia in big hurry to tax violence in the media. After all it,it does sell and create intent in people,it is about the intent isn’t it?? And if the poor soul is on anti-depressants god lord,we have quite a cocktail for violence don’t we?? (we consume 67% of the worlds anti-depressants) I say we tax the violence and use the money for counseling,and get these kids off these drugs ( by the way a firearms safety course never hurt anybody!)

    4. “Enforcing those laws is crucial because we have seen the terrible tragedies that occur when guns are in the wrong hands.”

      Yes we have- like swat teams murdering innocent people and cops shooting unarmed citizens, time after time. Using guns to threaten with death any who oppose their unconstitutional agendas.

    5. Hmmm

      For those of you that keep insisting that the government has the right to ban felons, “violent…. what evers” etc. from bearing arms PLEASE SHOW THE REST OF US EXACTLY AND I MEAN EXACTLY WHERE AS IT IS WRITTEN IN THE 2TH AMENDMENT THE GOVERNMENT IS GRANTED THE POWER TO TAKE AWAY ANY CITIZENS RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER.

      The 2th Amendment:
      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Gee wiz I can’t find a single one.

    6. Perhaps it’s time for communities to set up roaming armed patrols that operate day and night (in shifts of course) to monitor the movements of police officers and swat teams and the like, and to give early warning when a raid is about to go down. And, when it does, to summon the community and provide assistance to the raid victim against the swat team. Or else possibly have sniper teams that go after constitutional rights violators after the fact. Find out where they live and take out the violator and his/her family members. (The violators threaten to take YOUR kids away, don’t they? So raise the stakes for them too if they persist in violating your constitutional rights.)

    7. Someone wrongly raided and having they’re lawfully owned weapons taken from them can take the state to federal civil court and ask for many $$$ for internally violating they’re constitutionally protected rights and liberties.

      States cannot pass law or acts of broad general probation on a constitutionally protected right or liberty.

      States cannot impose a license or fee for the enjoyment of a constitutionally protected right or liberty.

      Plain and simple the state cannot restrict or end around any provision, right, liberty within the United States Constitution it is forbidden.

      The courts and congress cannot give permission to do so as the constitution is supreme law.

      Marbury Vs. Madison: No provision within the constitution is designed to be without effect, anything thats in conflict is null and void of law.

      Barry Vs. United States: basically states you are the beneficiary of the United States Constitution and the court must yield and give to the Citizen the rights and liberties contained within the constitution.

    8. “I, for one, am all for law enforcement doing what they can to ensure felons don’t have guns. And like any program, there’s going to be a snafu or two.”

      I am sure you will not be singing the same
      tune when they smash YOUR door in, beat you
      up, smash your house up, and shoot your dogs.

      We are ALL felons now in the eyes of the state.

    9. CSARebel: or maybe just a small, disconnected group dedicated to taking out politicians every time they make “laws” which infringe upon our rights. Once they’ve crossed the line, its self defence. Why wait for the cops to come California? You know they’re comming at this point, sooner or later.

    10. Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty. I see numerous comments about felons and firearms. This is a red herring and meaningless in a society where the government makes more felons per day than the prisons can possibly hold. How long must a felon be punished?

      Damn, we used to give them their guns back at the end of their sentence.

      You have felons directing our every act and thought but not a single person shoots them or even tries to arrest them for they are too concerned with their personal safety when push comes to shove.

      We’ll stand there with our bare face hanging out and allow a damned cop to beat a person to death but won’t pop a cap on the bastard.

      This must stop. If you are armed and witness any of these acts, shoot first and ask questions later or we are all going to the camps for their safety.

    11. TOO ARMS! TOO ARMS! The Anti-Gun Government is moving against the firearms owner. Take up arms and fight back, if a bully hits, you hit back! you have no rights in California, like New York city, you are all slaves to the system!

    12. I laugh in the face of a majority in here that are complaining about law enforcement. They are doing what the majority of the ‘right wing’ demanded, law enforcement. Most of you have no clue how much of your own support has made this police state you finally recognize and NOW hate. Now that they are getting down on your vice, oh NOW you’re upset. You have proudly and loudly demanded harsher treatment of another American demographic and their loss of rights because you have passed judgement on them at a glance, with no regrets. Now it’s your turn and you bitch like little girls. Your ‘get tougher on crime’ attitude is biting your own butts, do you like it?? Not one bit. How about you help return all the rights they have taken under your police state. Like the biggest excuse for their police state, the return of the right to intoxicate oneself by any method. Why is it that the worst drug known to man, is the only legal intoxicant? It is a back-assed whirled under YOUR police state. You complain about the loss of the “gun right”? The second amendment has no exceptions, so why is a former felon a restricted person?

      Copied from another article on this from BakersFeildNowDOTcom:
      “”A person becomes prohibited if he or she is convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, is placed under a domestic violence restraining order or is determined to be mentally unstable,” reads a statement from the AG’s office last year.””
      End Copied text.

      The question I have is, who determines the shrink is sane and unbiased against others? An arbitrary determination should never be a legal tool. Who would question a violent person losing his “gun right”? See how they get you to go along, and how many of you have led the call to enforce the rights violations against We The People in whole. Pity really.

      Freedom for all is the route to move forward. A former felon is a former felon. Don’t allow them to slip in these exceptions to rights that were never intended.

    13. Don’t buy guns that “they” know about. They can only harass people this way if they know they have a gun or many guns. Buy out of state or from a private owner.

    14. I have never opposed former felons from having weapons especially women with records. In ll likelihood those are the people who need them the most.

    15. This is ridiculous. When are people going to wake up. The way they are pushing the American people there will be another civil war and this next one will be apocalyptic. We will see who is on top when the dust settles.

    16. This is going to come to a head, when a few home owners start shooting at these illegal break ins, and it’s going to be on that Kamala Harris’ head. Once the shooting begins, a whole bunch of s**t is going to hit the fan. I guarantee, it’s going to happen. Remember Ruby Ridge, and Waco! Here we go again! It’s always when the liberals are in power, that people get trampled on. This crap could start a civil war, people are already on edge, by this socialist expansion.

    17. This happened to a friend of mine she has never done anything wrong to deserve anything like this, the only thing she is, IS a veteran,. When these idiots went to her place it was in the middle of the night and they just busted her front door right out of the frame. Took any firearms that she had and took her to jail for the night. No they are going sfter everyone that has a gun of some sort that they do not like.

    18. Could we please just push Californication off into the ocean before they infect the other states with their insanity???

    19. So Daniel Evans, this is the sort of thing that “enforcing the law” is just something everyone should have to deal with?

      What is it when the “mistakes” start to get people killed because a homeowner defends himself from what he or she thinks is a break-in by criminals?

      Maybe people should stop defending themselves from criminals breaking in to their homes because it might be the cops?

    20. Attorney General Kamala Harris is the best AG the state has ever had. She is not corrupt which upsets the right and she actually enforces the law which upsets the right. What part of “prohibited person” does the right not understand? The right just can not stand being wrong.

    21. I believe CAResident is correct. Those are European drug enforcement uniforms. The sad part is; It is now easy to believe this type of behavior from our government.

    22. Move to Texas….we need more good law biding people out here….and bring your weapon….we have great hunting…

    23. Everyone said gun confiscation would be the final straw, a line that if crossed, would start a rebellion.

      May I ask “Where is your bravado now?”

      What happened to “COME AND TAKE IT!” ?

      If your not willing to gun down a cop to defend your rights, you might as well turn your guns in and call it a day.

    24. People who right these articles are letting us know what is going on. they cannot offer any advice other than compliace out of possible legal reprocussions.

      It is for us to decide what is right and what we need to do. we need to stand our ground.

      I for one know what I will do.

    25. Seriously fellas, take off the tin foil hats. You’re embarrassing us, the rational, sane gun owners.

      Here’s what really happened to Michael Merritt (and note the source isn’t some liberal media site hellbent on defending liberal governments.)

      I, for one, am all for law enforcement doing what they can to ensure felons don’t have guns. And like any program, there’s going to be a snafu or two. And when it does, just as in this case, you work to resolve it the RIGHT way. Note Merritt got his guns back and the issue corrected within two weeks (even I’m amazed it was that quick).

      If so many felons didn’t have firearms (registered or not) in the first place, we wouldn’t have nearly the amount of gun violence in this country and the whole issue would be moot. Then again, I bet if it was THIS Michael Merritt who got busted for weed, many of you would probably want him lynched.

    26. TH said “…Go out there and get your rights back”
      Wrong moron. When they come to your house keep quiet. Don’t say anything. They have warrants and will KILL YOU if you Interfere with their search. Do not resist but call an attorney afterward and contact the foundation for help. If you resist you could wind up dead.

    27. Don’t worry fellas, this is an inept project designed to make up for California’s incompetent due process of notifying newly convicted a released felons that they can’t own firearms. They’re running into cases where felons(non violent and violent) are being caught with firearms but testified they weren’t informed or fire arms not always retrieved before and they’re not being charged with felony possession. It’s state has so many laws and they create new ones every week, hahaha they can’t afford to enforce the ones already on the books. This is some doj nazis little project until he or she can find another way to validate their bubbled up salary and position as lead blind-man leading a gang of blind men.

    28. Heres the deal on these raids this is a program that was originally secretly funded by obama in 2012 and California’s Attorney general forced a bill through under false pretenses in 2013.From what i have heard from previous stories of people they have tried to do raids on they usually have no warrant and try to enter your house under false pretenses to gain entry so don’t let them into your house. If they bust down your door without a warrant they are guilty of illegal search and seizure as well as civil rights violations. This is a Test Project by Obama And Eric Holder on Californians to see how it works and to let them get a feel of how to do this in other states. If you Don’t Open The Door They Have To Leave As They Have No Bussiness Being There In The First Place. They will leave after about twenty minutes of threats and surrouding your house and scaring your neighbors as well as yourself. Remember just because they have a paper in their hand it doesn’t meean that it has anything written on it.These Corrupt People Do Not Have Probable Cause So Don’t Do Something To Give The Probable Cause Such As being Or Acting Violenly Toward Them With Words or Actions.

    29. amen, Zane. this whole thing is messed up. I struggle with the thought of the enforcement officers that have to do this. I know a lot of them in different areas of law enforcement and non of them want to disarm law abiding citizens?

    30. When the goons come it will be easy to refuse any search and refuse to speak without legal representation right up to the point they start grilling your spouse, Will your spouse be as strong when threatened with arrest if they don’t allow a search of your common dwelling? What about when they tell you they are going to arrest you and your spouse and put your children into the state system?

      If you follow the rules here on this page you, your spouse and your children are going to be in state custody.

      There is another option.

    31. F that, this is bullsh#t, first our 2nd amendment is suppressed, now that SSS$# is trying too take our guns…. well you know what, im not going down quietly, I say if “THEY” want our &^&$% guns… then they can come and try too take them from my cold dead hands cause there is no chance that anyone ANYONE is going too come and take my fire-arms away from me, unless God himself comes down from his pearly gates and wants too go shooting wit me i am not giving any man my fire-arms and ammo PERIOD!!!

    32. All conservatives need to move out and let the liberals fill up California. If we are lucky we can flank them and push them out to sea.

    33. If this is going on in CA then it will start in other states are you in other states now or you going to go to other statesor is there a group like you in the other states

    34. Are you kidding me? This is a blatant attack on our rights and your telling the people of California not to put up a fight? To be silent and compliant? F- that! Go out there and get your rights back

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