Colorado Update, Police Not Our Enemy & Twitter Awards Review This Week on Bold Departure

Bold Departure Podcast
Bold Departure Podcast

New Jersey –-( Mike & John send out some good vibes with this unique edition of the show!  We talk this week about legislative activity from Colorado.

They move on to discussing why it isn’t right to stereotype the police.

There is a quick review of last week’s Twitter Awards and we note the ruling in the 9th Circuit.

Bold Departure is a reference to adopting a different way of thinking, like a paradigm shift. Freedom lies in being bold, as the quote referenced in our banner proclaims. We specifically support the state of New Jersey adopting a radically different approach than the one that exists toward firearms currently. This change would be one in which New Jersey applies a stance consistent with the Constitution and the majority of the states that comprise the United States. We also support generally the broad recognition of the 2nd Amendment throughout the United States. Visit

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The police will enforce whatever the law rule or regulation says they are to to enforce–Constitutional or not if it is a law, rule, regulation they will aggressively enforce it. It is what they do and to think otherwise is sheer folly!


Oh yeah, I’ll have to remember this the next time I witness another YouTube video like when they beat Kelly Thomas to death or when they abused the folks in Fullerton, CA who gathered to protest the bullish*t verdict which let the cops walk. ~~~ Yes, only good vibes for our men in black. No stereotypes for me, nope! WE should love all cops, whether they be from North Korea, or East Germany, or Mexico, or Cuba, or hell, even the U.S. Just because they are constantly caught in Totalitarian-type behavior, that’s no reason to feel funny about them. Heck,… Read more »