Connecticut State Police Assault Weapon Destruction Letter

Connecticut State Police Assault Weapon Destruction Letter

Connecticut State Police Assault Weapon Destruction Letter

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    1. I believe this could lead to the 2nd American Revolution looks like we’re going to have to kick the ones that don’t want us Christian gun carryging Constitution loving folks to have these God given rights butt one more time. Liberals and theives and 2nd Amendment infringers prepare to get your butts kicked it’s coming

    2. Leo is 100% correct. This is a direct attack on the U.S. Constitution; that same document which establishes, using explicit terms, that the act of “levying war against” the United States constitutes the crime of Treason.

      The Constitution, itself, *is* the United States, as it not only established the birth of this nation, but also continues to serve as its supreme law.

      As such, there can be no doubt whatsoever that an overt and direct attempt to subvert the U.S. Constitution is nothing less than an act of WAR. If this document is authentic, then Lt. Eric Cooke must be arrested for the crime of Treason, granted due process and be given an opportunity to answer the charges against him.

      Furthermore – since “adhering to [the nation’s] enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort,” comprises the other definition of Treason explicitly defined in the Constitution. any official with the means and authority to arrest Lt. Cooke, who declines – or who otherwise abdicates his sworn oath to uphold his duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic – is, himself, wading into treasonous waters.

      This issue is neither complex, nor theoretical. All authority granted to public officials is derived from, and is consistent with, the law – specifically, the U.S. Constitution. If words have meaning, then a crime has been committed. If words do not have meaning, then no authority exists.

      In either case, gun confiscation is an act of war, and anyone partaking in such activity legally establishes himself as an enemy combatant – and is subject to all the ramifications thereof.

      Semper Fidelis

    3. Ok so If you want to sell it to a gun dealer for say 100 a magazine… 6,000 for the rifle they go no thanks way to much you just go well I’m trying to sell it they just didn’t buy it yet. There is no timeline on when you have to get ride of it no it has to be done by a certain date. So your following the letter you just didn’t do it yet. Put an add in the paper something like that gun dealer wanted. You advertised your trying to sell it just no one called and see what happens. They don’t say anywhere turn it in just destroy it or sell it.

    4. you must not go through with this madness. Innocent people are going to be put in harms way. This is an illegal action. Please do not proceed.

    5. How could a state official know on 2 Jan whose applications were not postmarked before 1 Jan? They would have had to wait at least 3-5 days to receive all of the applications that were postmarked before 1 Jan. Then, they would have had to had time to go through all of the mail to sort out the ones that were postmarked on 2 Jan (because the PO is not open on New Years Day. Anyone else seeing a problem here?

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