Connecticut Senator Charges Congress with Gun Violence ‘Complicity – No Mention of Constitution

By AWR Hawkins

Chris Murphy
Connecticut Senator Charges Congress with Gun Violence ‘Complicity
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Joining with rights banning group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) on February 12, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) charged Congress with “complicity” in gun violence.

Murphy specifically took aim at those in Congress who have been critical of gun-free zones and have sought ways to allow citizens to arm themselves for self-defense in such zones.

Murphy said, “It's complicity when in the face of increased shootings on public property, some in Congress want to make it easier to bring guns on public property.”

According to CBS News, Murphy also said Congress was “exacerbating” the “problem of gun violence” by debating rules to allow “people to bring guns onto post office grounds.”

Murphy cited “at least 44 school shootings” since the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, which took place in December 2012. He did not explain how he reached the figure of 44, but Breitbart News has shown that some of these “shootings” are often murders in which one individual purposely seeks out another individual with the intent of killing that one person. Such was the case in the January 21 murder at Purdue University, a murder which gun control activists quickly labeled a “shooting.”

In May, it was reported, Senator Murphy said the right to keep and bear arms “is not an absolute right, is not a God-given right.”

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  • 8 thoughts on “Connecticut Senator Charges Congress with Gun Violence ‘Complicity – No Mention of Constitution

    1. Murphy’s Law says “Nothing is as easy as it looks, everything takes longer than you planned and if something can go wrong, it will. At the worst possible time.” Connecticut just turned tens of thousands of normal everyday people into felons over the political elite’s bedwetting. They should consider that people backed into a corner may come out fighting, and most of those who they have put in a deadly situation know that it is not the Brown Shirts kicking down doors that are the source of their misery. He has painted a target on his own back and even a felon gets to vote, even if he has to do it from a rooftop at 500 yards.

    2. America! We’ve got an immunizations and anti-virus what-not’s for everything else; can’t the CDC come up with a shot for “Dick-Weed Flu”!

    3. Good grief, where do these left wing nuts hatch from. Nothing comes from his mouth but total stupidity. Makes one wonder who voted for this foolm

    4. If “gun-free” school zones are the panacea, why do “school shootings” continue to make the news? Law abiding gun owners are not committing these crimes. Murphy is just another moron in politics.

    5. When emotional basket cases like CT Senator Chris Murphy expose their fascist tendencies and lack of appreciation for our US Constitution then as outsiders we must realize his power comes from the voters in his district which he surely must be representing. It is to these people the blame must go for electing men of such minor intellectual capability and high emotive qualities. Far too many such examples imperils our very freedoms and liberty. We The People best wake up and make positive changes, the sooner the better!

    6. The Israelis aren’t stupid…Their teachers are armed with assault rifles and trained in how to use them and or how to react to those who would use schools as an easy target to commit harm and or dastardly deeds upon children of innocense!…The problem in this country is that liberals just don’t seem to understand that ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs or regulations just do not work…They are so bent in their beliefs that a hundred school shootings wouldn’t change their minds…As they demand responsible gun owners should relinquish their 2nd amendment rights…What a bunch of dim wits we have such as Sen. Chris Murphy(D)Conn…I blame fault on the firearms manufactures in the state of Conneticutt…Colt, Ruger, and scores of other gun makers should protest by moving their facilites out of this god forsaken state…Such as MagPul did here in Colorado…By not doing so as a sign of protest these manufactures are aligning themselves with those anti-gun law makers in the Conneticutt Senate who would like nothing better more than to see them shut down…When this happens these firearms companies will have no one to blame but themselves…MagPul did it right!

    7. By not allowing Law abiding citizens to carry firearms, weather concealed or open, the Politicians of Connecticut are aiding and abetting the criminals.

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