Connecticut Tells Gun Owners, Destroy or Hand Over Rifles & Standard Capacity Magazines

Editors Note: We were forwarded this letter image from an unknown source and have not received any confirmation from CSP on this document but have posted it here as part of the discovery process.

Connecticut State Police Assault Weapon Destruction Letter
Connecticut State Police Assault Weapon Destruction Letter
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Two hundred and fourteen Connecticut residents who tried to comply with the new state laws but were late sending in their state designated “Assault Weapon” and “High Capacity Magazine” registration paperwork are now or will be, getting letters from CT State Police (CSP).  If it is the one above their options will be few… they need to destroy, turn in, sell or remove their personal property from Connecticut or face the law.

Those who fail to do so could face serious criminal penalties. Once people realize they can’t keep the guns and magazines, they’re going to get rid of them, Michael P. Lawlor, the undersecretary for criminal justice policy and planning to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, says.

If this letter is proved to be real it is confiscation plain and simple. When the state decides your personal property is no longer legal and gives you no options to relive you of your property without compensation, that is the definition of confiscation and a violation of one’s Second and Forth Amendment rights.

Read more “Connecticut Moves One Step Closer To Confiscation Of Guns & Magazines“:

Question: What would you do if you state passed this law? Comply or No Compromise?

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Holly B

March 20. 2014 the at a news conf.” We are not as people have thought going to have a State police door to door confiscation of assault weapons and high capacity magazines for the gun owners who attempted to register before the deadline, (you should have seen the lines i’m sure she didn’t) we understand the confusion (what confusion) and we are extending deadline date to January 4,2014. This law should never have passed,but it did, and its a sad day for all of us gun owners if we have an assault weapon or HCM or not. To Sandy… Read more »


if I could remember Delaware being the first! what does this make Connecticut the first communist state? let the games begin!!!!


See the Fully Informed Jury Association. As a juror, you have no obligation to enforce Connecticut’s gun laws, or New York’s SAFE Act.

jose a velez

this needs to stop conn the law is out of hand voted get rid of them all


Why shouldn’t all the gun manufactures in Conn. , move to a state that likes the business and the jobs . It would send a message to the politians . There is a lot of states that would welcome them .

Robert Baker

Stupid, aren’t they ?




I believe it may be a good time for constitutional americans to visit CT…might be a great vacation. I’m sure the former legal gun owners there would love some comradery and to know they have friends from all over the country. Of course, We will come bearing presents for our brothers. I know of a few hundred thousand expatriots here in Texas and the surrounding area that would enjoy the scenery and the fishing is rumoured to be fantastic.


Oh,sorry officer. I accidently dropped that gun into the water yesterday when I was boating. Lemme know if you find it, its about 3 miles out in the Atlantic ocean.


Come and get em you traitors. Taking an Americans weapon from them and trying to brand anyone who resist such actions as a terrorist is an insult to all americans. When your house is on fire or your loved one is being attacked who are the people who protect you? certainly not our government or police forces. Good citizens keep this country safe, not our law enforcement or military. Taking our guns is simply the first step of a complete dictatorship, history proves that.


Lt Paul Vance, Spokesperson for the Connecticut State Police ADMITTED in a recorded phone call that the letter IS AUTHENTIC!


Ex post facto law is unconstitutional as well as all the other reasons to challenge this statute.


How about transferring the firearms to a trust at a private range for safekeeping until this idiotic law is overturned by new legislation?

What is going on is wrong, I hope everyone remembers this on every election day for the rest of their lives.

If you can leave CT, come on down to North Carolina, we have ccw and reasonable firearms laws but very hard for a class III unless your county sheriff signs off and many will not.


Complying with that letter amounts to separating you from your legally purchased and owned property without any fair monetary reimbursement.


Patriots should provide a “safe haven and storage for Connecticut gun owners to expatriate their weapons until such time as the owners can move or get this Marxist law repealed. Everyone should help everyone out. Only together can Marxism be defeated.

Rob Davis

Sandy Todd,

Firearms registration lead to confiscation throughout the 20th Century, with the result that 170,000,000 innocent civilians were slaughtered by their own governments.

If anyone here is an idiot, it’s you. You should learn History, or shut your ignorant mouth.

You say registration isn’t Un-American, but you LIE. You must be a filthy, lying, fearful Liberal with murder in your heart to spew such garbage. Shame on you! Step in front of a moving bus, and spare everyone else from your idiocy, please.

Chris Wagoner

OK I called and spoke to the Div of Lic and Firearms in CT myself. And they have not sent any such letters out. The letter is a fake. That is from the source.

Robert Fowler

How many are going to die over this foolishness? The state has two options, either repeal the law or enforce it. If they decide to enforce it, they are going to have to decide how many deaths are acceptable. Molon Labe bitches.

TSgt B

Robin Simpson:

IF “they” told you to vacate your residence and report to the reeducation camp, would you comply with that, too? Don’t you recognize tyranny when you see it?


Some thing is wrong with this site…It doesn’t always post my comments…Sme times it does and some times it doesn’t…Are my comments being censored…I can’t get a reply from Ammoland so that could be a possibility or is there something wrong on my end…Doubtful…I post a lot of comments…However I am banned from posting comments on the Huffington Post…I have used the word CommieCRats too many times in my comments…Guess that’s a no no by them!


Another comment not posted…Why?


What is the legal definition of an Assault rifle?…I thought the term applied to military weapons that are capable of full automatic firing capabilities…Couldn’t a good lawyer dispute the language…Are my 1860 Henry rifle or my 1873 military Trapdoor Springfield rifle cllassified as Assault weapons?

Sandy Todd

You could have followed the law and just registered – like you do with your conceal carry permits. You chose not to.

Now you can sell your gun to a dealer. That’s compensation.

When you get the grace period because you’re all idiots – and you will – I recommend you follow it. There’s nothing unAmerican about attempting to keep track of guns and requiring that you keep them AND THE BULLETS locked in safes.

Sgt Tackleberry

wake up america… this is only the beginning… ask yourself why CT doesnt enforce the gun statutes it has on the books now for violent offenders and felons but wants your legally owned firearms so bad… its to disarm the patriots.

Big John

I wondered about the date on the letter, too. Evidently the application was received on the 2nd? Regardless, this stinks. If allowed to stand it well may be coming to a state near any and all of us soon! I think I’ll simply not respond if that happens and let the authorities guess whether I’m in compliance or not. No CCW for me, and IF I purchase a weapon it would be private party to private party only!


Mr Williams,

I don’t have and easy answer… It’s a big problem which will require a large number of fighters in your state. If the numbers are not there, your freedom is lost. Maybe their are not enough people in Connecticut who care about their freedom. I don’t know. I believe if that happened in Texas, blood would flow.

Joe Hunter

Come join the movement everyone at We will not surrender anything. Stand up for your rights!

Cliff Williams

Mr.Seay we did fight for it. Thousands would show up for rallies and to testify at the Capital. One representative remarked how scared they were because the letters and emails against the bill was overwhelming and the letters and emails calling for gun control were scant. The passed this through the emergency certification process which was illegal. Pro-gun groups have solicited funds and found plaintiffs to bring cases against the state.

Please enlighten us as to what we are not doing to fight?

Eric Barnes

We the people need to stand together with the people of Connecticut and put a end to this once and for all the rest would finally get it
government has no problem going after 100 lawbreakers in their opinion but how would they feel about going up against 10,000 ready and willing to fight back
And how many peace officers are willing to stand against the constitution of the United States
United we stand divided we fall

Robin Simpson

Assault weapon owners were told they could keep their guns as long as they were registered. If they get their weapons taken away it is their own damn fault.

John Seay

If the people of Connecticut don’t have the will to fight for their rights, they don’t deserve their freedom and will lose it all.


ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ bitches


It will be interesting to see how many LEO’s will be killed trying to violate the Constitution.


“sounds like Nazi Germany, doesn’t it???”

More like Lenin’s Soviet Union of Jewish henchmen.

J.l. oden

Dear sir/madam in CT move to Louisiana we will protect your right to bear arms no matter what the cost

Somethings Fishy

The mail does not deliver on January 1st. How could his application have been postmarked after January 1, 2014 if their response is January 2, 2014?


Sure did not take long to get from Registration to Confiscation in CT.


Molon Labe


Really sounds like Nazi Germany, doesn’t it???
Only in America!