Cop-Show Nonsense … Really?

By John Farnam

Crockett & Tubbs
Crockett & Tubbs fingers on the trigger…Really?
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Regarding TV LE “Dramas” These comments from a friend and LEO in PA:

“Like you, I don’t I don’t watch a lot of TV, because it is typically so glib and intelligence-insulting, I can’t abide it! But, lately I’ve been watching several of the ‘new’ LEO dramas.

It is almost universal, no matter the network, that all ‘cops‘ portrayed in these dramas, take their pistols out of their holsters, and then cycle the action, just prior to entering a building in order to apprehend bad guys. People who write this sewage, who have never touched a gun in their entire sheltered lives, are apparently in love with the “clacking” sound made by autoloading pistols, always at dramatic interludes! I’m sure they have not the slightest idea of what cycling the slide on an autoloading pistol actually accomplishes, and couldn’t care less!


These so-called “cops” are carrying serious pistols without a round in the chamber? How far does this go to convey the false impression to non-gun people that this is how it should be done, that even trained police officers run around with empty guns!

In another example, two stone-faced “cops” retrieve ARs from their vehicles, and then proceed forward to confront a gaggle of bad guys. But, just before contact, they sling their ARs, and draw their pistols!


I wonder what those ARs are for. I’m sure they do too! I’m sure the bad guys were amazed!

Then, if course, they proceed, using only their pistols, to effortlessly out-shoot the bad guys, all of whom are armed with ARs and AKs (that are not slung!).


If ARs and AKs are that impotent, I guess I don’t need one!

Finally, all actors portraying cops have fingers constantly wrapped around triggers and guns continuously pointed at themselves, each other, and every other unsafe direction imaginable!”

Comment: In an even marginally good civilization, television would be a powerful instrument of education! As it is, people who control the media obviously care not a whit about their role in education, nor in societal advancement, but do care, to the exclusion of everything else, about promoting their personal, leftist agendas, even when what ends up on the screen is blatantly false, unsafe, inaccurate, and wrong.

We can only wonder how many gun accidents have occurred as a direct result of legions of the naive watching this trash!

“Liberal ‘theology,’ into which no inquiry is ever permitted, insists upon unquestioning obedience from its dupes. The ‘party-line’ is pious imbecility, against which waves of logic beat in-vain” ~ Anonymous


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many police agencies train and carry on an empty chamber now. no different than carrying the older revolvers on an empty cylinder. they practice drawing and racking and it gets done well


The script for these shows must have been written by dope smoking asexuals from Fairyland better known as Kalifornia.


Military “semi-auto rifles” in particular have floating firing pins. The firing pin will go forward with momentum as soon as there is contact between the round and the bolt. When a round is chambered from the magazine magazine there is time for the bolt to fully lock up (by design) but when you do as these dummies did and load into the chamber with the magazine out and let the bolt slam forward, the firing pin may hit with enough momentum to detonate the primer before the bolt locks up and it will blow hell out of things including the… Read more »

Capn Jack

I agree, most of the “Gun” shows on the tube are “Dramatic Crap”. But, “Explodeing AR’s…WTF have I been missing ??? Some one’s been watching too much “YOU/TUBE”.


I don’t understand “if it slam fired would create a grenade like explosion.” How would that happen? In a slamfire, the round is in the chamber, where it is supposed to be. Several types (SKS for example) can slamfire, which is obviously dangerous, but they don’t explode like a grenade, they just fire in the direction the firearm is aimed.
Could you elaborate on how a slamfire “would” (as even opposed to “could”) go off like a grenade?


NOTHING AS DUMB as watching the most recent “Red Jacket” television show where these “experts” without the magazine in place placed live 20mm rounds into a WWII Solothurn 20mm anti-tank rifle and slam closed the bolt for single shot tests(and who knows how many rehearsals). This is an extremely dangerous procedure with any semi-auto let alone one that if it slam fired would create a grenade like explosion taking out most of the “professional” idiots near the gun. The correct way when single loading semi-autos, load the round into the magazine and then release the bolt.


Those are ‘minor’ issues John. I’m far more concerned with the never ending stream of machine gun toting bad guys, criminal gun dealers/gun show operator’s and the every legal handgun is always registered with the police and is in a national data base crap. Every gun dealer I’ve ever known was on a first name basis with most of the local and state police, and even the BATF agents. What’s on TV and movies is propaganda. As Phil points out, some of this is dramatic license and harmless. You shouldn’t ever base your gun handling on what you see on… Read more »


“Racking” your firearm, just prior to use, shows just how “little” the writers and producers know about firearms…THAT, and a LONG list of other ignorance about firearms of which “safety” is in in there…somewhere. If your “legally owned” firearm” needs to be “cycled” just before you present it, muzzle first, to the “bad guy”, whether it is an autoloading pistol, pump or semi-auto shotgun…you have missed a valuable and major self defense tactical training lesson.


There was already an article written several year ago about the Movie LEO’s cycling their arms, its done for effect and for the viewer only.

As for me, I can’t stand watching that crap, same as with all the judge shows, the Murray shows and the knock-offs with all the loud mouth idiots, etc.