The Rundown On Cowboy Action Shooting

By Randi Rogers

Cowboy Action Shooting
Cowboy Action Shooting
Women’s Outdoor News
Women’s Outdoor News

ROLLA, MO –-( Women’s Outdoor News welcomes competition shooter Randi Rogers to its ranks of columnists.

Randi writes “The Rogers Report,” sponsored by Smith & Wesson. We know you’ll enjoy Randi’s shooting knowledge and her tales of adventure, especially as she embarks on her inaugural year as a Smith & Wesson-sponsored competition shooter.

Every little girl dreams of what she will be when she grows up. When I was growing up I had the amazing opportunity to be a real life cowgirl.

When I was 11-years old, through a twist of fate, I started participating in Cowboy Action Shooting. Cowboy Action Shooting is a competitive shooting sport where participants use firearms made, or replicas of firearms made, before 1900 to engage steel targets, in Western-themed courses of fire, all while wearing period clothing. With the help of my grandparents, Evil Roy and Wicked Felina, I chose the alias of “Holy Terror” and became a real life cowgirl — hat, boots and all!

Throughout the years I have had a lot of individuals ask me about the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting; how do you get into cowboy action shooting, what kind of equipment do you use and do you really like to dress up?

The first and best place to find information on the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting is from the main organizing body — the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). A group of shooters who wanted to compete with their single-action firearms started SASS 1981. They loved history, they loved shooting and they loved competing, so they started a shooting sport that involved all 3.

No matter what sport or hobby you get into, you must have the tools-of-the-trade. Cowboy Action Shooting requires 7 pieces of equipment: 2 single-action pistols, a pistol-caliber, lever-action rifle, a pump or double-barrel shotgun, a leather belt and holsters and a period costume…

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Horace T. Heaf
Horace T. Heaf
7 years ago

Been trying to get into the cowboy shooting sport here in Oregon , cant find affordable Guns , used eqipment, or much help . have asked the local SASS shooters who all seem to be winding down the whole thing , Ammo and components hard to find, not to mention everyone thinks there worth pre-resession prices. SO SAD