Democrats Ask Obama For Millions to Do ‘Gun Violence Research’

By AWR Hawkins

Gun Violence Research
Gun Violence Research
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) are asking President Obama to designate $10 million for “gun violence research.”

According to The Queens Gazette, Maloney “joined with gun violence victims, advocates, and union leaders” to request the money on February 22. She said, “Gun violence costs our country an estimated $174 billion every year,” adding that “the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a research plan in place. Now they need the funding to move forward.”

Maloney also joined Markey in sending a more formal request letter to President Obama.

On February 4 Breitbart News reported that gun control proponents wanted to turn guns and gun control “into a public health and safety issue.” This will allow them to circumvent Congress to a degree, and to launch a publicly-funded Department of Health and Human Services' “safety campaign about the dangers of gun ownership, much like [the one they conducted] about smoking.”

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  • 7 thoughts on “Democrats Ask Obama For Millions to Do ‘Gun Violence Research’

    1. I could’ve sworn that the CDC recently issued a study on gun violence. Guess it didn’t support Maloney’s left wing anti Bill of Rights talking points.

    2. research has already been done by DR.Gary Kleck, Criminologist, University of Florida, His Government funded research showed firearms are used for self defense over 2 million times a year. the vast majority of the time a shot is not fired, just the threat of being shot sends a criminal fleeing to find an unarmed victim!

    3. And just WHO is going to do the study? why, an anti-gun group, of course. The FBI and other LE agencies have already got the statistics. The CDC also did a study, but it didn’t meet with the anti-gun crowd approval…it stated the opposite of what they wanted.

    4. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) is nuts.

      Unfortunate her husband was murdered by Colin Fergueson, who traveled from CA to NY with a Ruger P89 semi auto pistol, he also wounded her son and many others on the LIRR commuter train.

      If NYC did not have such restrictive firearms laws, citizens on the train could have defended themselves.

      She got her seat by the sympathy vote after the killings.

      Tragic but criminals do not obey laws.

    5. If the Democrats would just do a study on how their contribution to society is detrimental in every aspect of their involvement.

    6. With the country 17 trillion dollars in debt “the wizards of smart” are now evaluating what human behaviors cost the “system”? Questions like “How is smoking, obesity, and hospital treatment for gunshot trauma affecting ObamaCare’s bottom line?” You can bet your last dollar your “premiums” will be higher if your “life choices” don’t meet “government standards”.

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