Feminists Support Women’s Oppression


PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:

Two Women in Riyadh Detained for Driving
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia (AP):

Saudi activists say police have detained two women in Riyadh caught breaking an official ban on females driving. The activists say the women were stopped on Wednesday afternoon and taken to a local police station where their male relatives were also called in.

In recent situations where women were caught driving, their male relatives were asked to sign statements saying they would not allow the women to drive again. Saudi activists launched a campaign starting last September renewing calls to allow women the right to drive in the conservative kingdom. http://tiny.cc/mxg6ax

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In an ongoing effort to slur conservatives in America, the Associated Press continues to refer to primitive Saudi Arabian radical muslim slave-driving heretic maniacs as “conservatives.” [Multiple times throughout the article.]

Slavers keeping women in virtual chains are not conservatives. “These people are dangerous threats to civilization, sexist dogs, throwbacks to the 7th century,” said an Arab spokesperson for sanity who did not wish to be identified.

There is nothing conservative about forcing women to dress in garbage bags from head to toe, banning them from driving or being seen in public, and making men responsible for their every move, gleefully reported without opposing views by the so-called “objective” AP. Fear of reprisals or “offending” alien cultures is their typical but unacceptable excuse for such biased and distorted reporting.

The fact that women’s libbers in America tolerate such physical, mental and emotional abuse without a whimper shows the hypocrisy and utter destitute morality of feminism. It stands beyond any condemnation they could otherwise earn. The liberal media could not be breached for comment. For Pete’s sake, they ran the story. The AP apparently has no feminists on their staff, or at least none with any power.

Saudi Arabia, perpetually labeled an ally of the U.S. by the AP, spends massive funds on building sharia-spreading madrassas and mosques around the world bent on destroying the great Satan, us. The AP consistently fails to report this minor item.

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The “Feminists” derailed cultures all around the World a long time ago. Here in America women were respected, now a lot of women don’t even respect themselves.