Hypocrite Mark Kelly Testifies in Favor of Gun Control, Then Goes Shooting

By AWR Hawkins

Anti Gun Hypocrite Mark Kelly
Anti Gun Hypocrite Mark Kelly
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- On February 6th 2014 former astronaut Mark Kelly testified in favor of more gun control before Oregon's legislature, then went target shooting at the Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct Range.

Talk Show host Lars Larson reported this on February 7th, after the Portland Police tweeted a photo of Kelly shooting a handgun at the range. The tweet was deleted from the Portland Police account when it began drawing attention, but the gun control group founded by Kelly and wife Gabby Giffords still has a post on its website ( http://tiny.cc/7yt2ax ) about Kelly shooting at the Portland Police range.

Kelly testified in favor of SB 1551, which the Oregon Firearms Federation warns will expand background checks “to virtually all gun transfers, even to a gun you give to your father-in-law or your best friend.”

When Kelly supported this expansion of background checks as a means of stopping crime, state senator Betsy Close (R-Dist. 8) countered by asking if Jared Loughner had passed a background check before carrying out his heinous attack on then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in January 2011.

Loughner did pass a background check.

In April 2013, Breitbart News reported that Kelly was shooting a Glock 9mm with a 17-round magazine in Arizona. Two months earlier he had testified in favor of limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Hypocrite Mark Kelly Testifies in Favor of Gun Control, Then Goes Shooting

    1. I do not give a flying fig of Mark Kellys years of service to our Country he is a hypcrit and he is using hid disabled wife to suit his political ends. He and his wife should not posess firearms due to her mental disabilities and he shoud shut up and stay home and take care of his wife.

    2. Amazing that Obama can pick and choose what parts of his Obamacare law he wants to enforce,
      while he ignores all the laws already on the books and wants more gun control.

    3. I wish these ranges would just tell Kelly that he is not welcome to shoot there.

      It is a private range and they don’t have to let you in if you are anti gun.

    4. Doctors are asking their clients if they own any guns and ammo and where they store them.
      Stores are selling 22 guns yet we can’t buy any 22 ammo. My girl friend went in to court duty they ask about guns and CHL’s if she had one what type of gun she owned. Everyone wants to know who owns a gun.

    5. Why is this surprising?
      Kelly is a “cadre”, and will have those special privileges as long as he maintains his usefulness to the regime.

    6. Kelly is hardly a hypocrite. He is an oligarch. Part of the elite. He knows full well the history of gun control.

      He knows full well that he and the other politcal elite will remain armed.

      Gun control simply means they get to decide who to take the arms away from.

      That is why pushing for gun control and owning his guns, is perfectly logical.

    7. Colorado has new nuisance gun control laws…No thanks to Mark Kelly who by the way is not a resident of Colorado…The Senatorial gun debates last year were stacked with idiotic testimonies…Wheres as Mark Kelly was invited by the Colorado CommieCRats to come to Colorado and give his anti-gun testimony which amounted to this…Kelly claimed it is too easy to buy a firearm in this country…He claimed it only take 5 minutes to complete a purchase…Whereas at this same time I bought a .410 shotgun from a local gun store and had to wait 6 weeks before I could pick it up…That’s how back logged the CBI was at that time…People were buying guns galore afraid Obama was going to outlaw many different types of firearms mainly AR15’s…Heck…It takes me 5 minutes just to fill out the form 4473…Shortest transaction time here in Colorado was at a Denver gun show recently taking only 20 minutes to complete the Universal Criminal Back Ground Check…Not five minutes as claimed by Mark Kelly…Unless Mark Kelly has someone pulling rank over everyone else…There is no way a person can walk in and out of a gun store here in Colorado with a firearm purchase in just 5 minutes…Personally I believe Mark Kelly was spinning a yarn…
      Perhaps a better word would be ‘lying’ to the public…I wouldn’t trust any thing Mark Kelly says about firearms, the moon, or gun control…Period!

    8. Rep Gifford and her husband Mr. Kelly had a wonderful opportunity to bring this “gun control” idiocy to a close when Rep Gifford was shot by a man who had passed backgrounds checks and purchased his gun legally. I wish to know why this anti-freedom Arizonian and his wife are allowed to testify in this Oregon matter? I suggest they have no credentials which justifies their speaking to our legislators. One who testifies should either be an expert and present facts or a involved person with personal testimony. The Kelly’s are neither. The Kelly’s are simply lobbyists trying to convince our legislators to support their agenda, what ever that might be.
      Colorado is in a upheaval due to outside influences effecting lawmakers in that state. Lets simply kick Mr. Kelly and his wife out of our business before we have to go through the pain and expense of recall elections and all the rest.

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