Larimer Co Colorado Sheriff, Justin Smith Standing Tall

By John Farnam

Larimer Co Sheriff, Justin Smith
Larimer Co Sheriff, Justin Smith
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(  Taking a stand, no matter the conditions. Hurrah! A sheriff who knows what he stands for and, unlike most politicians, actually takes his oath of office seriously!

Our courageous Larimer Co Sheriff, Justin Smith, was out personally, yesterday morning, in uniform, in front of Ft Collins, CO High School. He was carrying an American flag and standing in the cold with high-school students who planned on celebrating their own nation during a “Spirit Week” event.

The student council wanted to designate a day to celebrate the red, white & blue.

However, academic leftists, including the principal, oh-so piously objected, saying such a celebration might “offend foreigners and immigrants”

However, these supposed “foreigners and immigrants” are never specified, nor could school administrators cite a single complaint ever coming from anyone who might be in that category. Leftists, of course, never get specific!

Now, facing righteous outrage from the community, including the Sheriff himself, these worms, while of course pseudo-sanctimoniously declaring their innocense, insisting their intentions were “misinterpreted,” have quietly reversed their decision to treat patriotic young men and women as second-class citizens in their own country!

How magnanimous of them!

Sheriff Smith is a hero! And, in spite of the best efforts of leftists to suffocate all forms of decency and personal courage, these heroes, at great personal risk, keep standing tall.

I love this Country!


Larimer Co Colorado Sheriff, Justin Smith Standing Tall
Larimer Co Colorado Sheriff, Justin Smith Standing Tall

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    1. ALL American law enforcement officers should have to be elected . That way we would not have all these wannabe seal gestapos running around killing , harassing , and intimidating innocent American civilians to cover their own cowardice . It has gotten to where there is NEVER a week that goes by you don’t hear about it in at least one city . They call them ” no knock raids ” , even when there is no criminal event involved . It has to stop and I hope the deputy shot and killed by a ” victim ” of one these serves as a lesson . I am also thrilled that the law protected him in his personal defense .

    2. These (sheriffs and deputies) elected by the people and not appointed by a mayor or city management law enforcement officers MAY be the only law enforcement officers to take the side of the PEOPLE for the time when firearms are outlawed or ordered turned in.

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